bon iver is perfect for nights like these

what a perfect fall weekend i've had.
it was just the right mix of time on the couch cuddled up with my hot boyfriend, sleeping in, going out to breakfast, and getting my halloween on with my friends.

we threw together some costumes at the last minute [and if you knew us, this wouldn't surprise you at all],  and ended up having a pretty kick ass time last night.
if you'll excuse the mirror pic, benny was a little devil, and i was tom cruise a la risky business.

a little lame, but definitely good enough for me.
have i mentioned that i love this boy?

in other news, there are some changes up in here.
i got twitter! 
there's a little feed there on the right side and if you wanna follow me, i mean, i guess that's cool.

and another thing: i've decided a want to do a little button swap.
a little free sponsoring, if you will.
i'll post your button here, and, in turn, you post mine on yours.
a little "i'll show you mine if you show me yours" some would say...
i have a little baby blog, and while i'm not looking to get rich or famous off of this thing, i wouldn't mind spreading the word a little bit.
and then you can spread the word too!
even steven.
so e-mail me at sweetandwildchildblog {at} gmail {dot} com if you're interested.
if you're not, then stay away. #haters

by the way, i don't even know how to use this twitter thing, so excuse me as i make a fool of myself trying to figure it out.
i'm not the hippest hipster around.


Dale said...

What cute pics and it looks like you had a good halloween, you two are very cute together. AND congrats on getting twitter, don't worry I'm not good at it either. hehe
Following you now on twitter too!


Celeste said...

you two are so cute! i wonder if it's too late for me and the mister to dress up..

Katya said...

love the costumes! looks like you had a way fun halloween weekend. :) and i'm glad you got twitter! i'm going to follow you. taken out of context, that'd be a really creepy sentence.

kirstyb said...


Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

Now a female risky business costume is BRILLIANT. Good call.