my fall

"i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers"
-L.M Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables, found here

it's getting to be that time where the air gets chilly.
i'm breaking out my bright red coat that makes me feel like a classy lady, and also my little leather jacket for days that i'm feeling a little sassier.
my face gets rosy when i ride my bike around campus and i'm in boots and leggings as we speak.

i've always said summer is the time for lovin:
 beaches and ice cream cones and baseball games and all that.
but i'm slowly learning that autumn has it's benefits too.
shorter days and colder weather tend themselves towards afternoon walks in the changing leaves and then nights on the couch cuddled up, trying to get warm.
at least, that's what i'm dreaming of.
i'll know in two weeks though.
from here

fall is finally winning me over.


Mary and Dyer said...

I love October!! The weather is perfect & there is so much fun stuff going on!! xox

Cait said...

i love october too :) oh and def a new follower of your blog! its super cute :)

Giedre said...

Fall is DEFINITELY a good time for lots and lots of cuddling! :) I would say it's my favorite time of year, but I'm sorta the person who always thinks that about whatever season I'm currently in. :D

Denise Pacurar said...

I love fall! There are so many fun activities like pumpkin patch, halloween, thanksgiving, etc!!!

This is a really cute picture!

xoxo Denise

PS: I will be posting a vintage jewelry giveaway on my blog on Sunday! Check back and enter to win :)