bad pun alert

hi friends.
i'm really sick of this mustache trend too, but this little thing is incredibly fitting:
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after my awesome long break this past weekend,
i'm buried in a to-do list a zillion miles long.
add to that the fact that my computer is at the doctors, so i have to use a campus computer in a lab that closes at a certain time.
and also the fact that the gym also closes at a certain [too early] time, so i'm trying to fit it all in before i run over there to get my skinny on.
it'll all be alright, but i just have to bunker down and write these dumb papers.
i'll be back asap.
later gators!


Orange Autumn said...

Good luck with your to-do list!!

Emmett Katherine said...

Sometimes it seems impossible to get everything done (and on time)! Good luck with everything you have to do. Early gym hours are very frustrating, I actually switched to a 24 hour gym because of that!