dear readers

helloooo dear readers.
photo by NASA, words by moi

so the other day, Bridget came up with this awesome idea of asking her readers some questions to get to know them better, and i loved it.
i also realized that i don't know much about many of you.
so now, it's my turn!

i'd love it if you guys answered these questions in the comments.
even you, reader who's been around for months and never said a peep!
even you, family that creeps but never comments!
[for those of you without blogs, you can just click "Comment under Name/URL" in the comment box and then type your name right in. easy peasy.]
[also, anonymous commenting has been turned back on, but don't be an asshole.]

oh, and i'll answer them too, just so you new readers can catch up on me too :)
here goes:
what's your name? what do most people actually call you?
hi, i'm Jaclyn. but everyone except my Grandma calls me Jackie.

where do you live? 
i'm born and raised in Rochester, NY. more specifically, Hilton.

how old are you? 
21. woo!

are you single/engaged/married/divorced/a combination/don't care?
i'm an engaged woman. going to make the change to a married one in 28 days.

what kinds of things do you do for fun? what kinds of things do you do to make money? [lucky you if they're one in the same]
 i don't think i've mentioned it on here before, but i really like to craft things out of paper. like scrapbooking, but not so mom-ish. and i love to ride my bike. and read. currently, i'm unemployed and not making any money, but i want to own an ice cream shop.

who's your favorite person to spend time with?
i really really really love to spend my days with Ben. i think that's a good thing, since i'm marrying the guy. also, my little sister Jessa is a close runner up. we're besties.

what's your guilty pleasure food? 
i'm obsessed with chocolate. anything chocolate. and Abbott's chocolate almond custard is like heaven on Earth. i'd eat it for every meal if it wouldn't make me a fatty.  but actually frozen brownie batter is what i sneak to the kitchen in the middle of the night to devour.

are you a fall, winter, spring, or summer person? why?
i'm definitely a summer girl. i get to be outside in the sunshine, go barefoot, wear sundresses all the time, and drive with the windows down. oh, and also fresh flowers and all the berries i want. that's perfection right there.

what do you want to see more of on my blog?
i'll probably just keep doing what i want, cause that's the girl i am, but i want your input! i wanna know what keeps you clicking on my little link.

gimme a fun fact about you.
fact: i don't remember the last time i didn't have my toenails painted. there's been polish on them since at least middle school. i know it's not the best thing for my nails, but i hate the look of bare ones.

oh, and this one is from Amy: are you a creepy male?
yes? get out.

the end! thanks for playing, friends. make sure your e-mail is attached to your Blogger profile so that I can respond to these by e-mail when i get the chance :)


Brooke said...

Well to be super concise - I'm a 22-year-old college kid who also always has her finger and toe nails painted, and who is not a creepy male :)

Bohemian Beautiful said...

1. My name is Lecinda but mostly everyone (at work) calls me Junior (because I'm the new girl).
2.I live in Melbourne, Australia :)
3. I am 24 years old.
4. I live with my boyfriend Dan. He's the best :)
5. I like reading, baking, knitting, sewing my own/refashioning clothes, taking photos of everything (me <--- instagram obssessed person) but I am a lawyer by day which is how I make money (booring! I think owning an ice cream shop would be much more fun!).
6. Dan :) he makes my heart happy
7. Chocolate! Hot Chips!
8. I am a spring and summer person. I love the crispy freshness of spring, where its not to cold and not to hot, but I also love summer too
9. Just keep doing what you want! I love just coming here and reading about you and Ben and your wedding, I'm excited for you!
10. I ate hot chips and a realy bare salad my whole life until I moved out of home...I lived under a rock basically. My mum was too busy caring for my baby brother and I was already a fussy eater, so by the time my brother was older and she had time to cook me proper meals (she worked full time as well the whole time) i was already stuck on hot chips and salad and would't budge. I am the biggest food-aholic now though, making up for lost time...but hand me a bucket of chips and I just can't say no.
10. Am I creepy male? no thank god haha!

Amy - Book Monster said...


(1) i'm amy. everyone used to call me madden--my maiden name--but then i got married, so...

(2) you know where i live, right?

(3) i'm going to be 26 in 31 days. yay.

(4) refer to #1.

(5) what DO i like to do for fun? that's a good question. read. cuddle hurley. *cuddle* aaron. travel. write. take photos. paint mah nailz. get tattoos. eat.

(6) aaron. & hurley, who is a person in my mind.

(7) ice cream. specifically, coldstone's mud pie mojo.

(8) i'm a fall girl. but summer is a close runner-up, ESPECIALLY if there's a body of water near by with a public access beach. YEAH!

(9) let's see your photos, girl. i know you have more than what you share. i'm curious, man!

(10) i once shoved my sister into the pool we were receiving swim lessons in because she was a CHICKEN and wouldn't take the plunge. har har. also, the other day a friend asked me, "if you couldn't be an artist, librarian, or writer, what would you be?" and without thinking or even looking up from what i was doing, i answered with "hitman." even i was shocked.

(11) i'm so funny.

Diana said...

what's your name? what do most people actually call you?
hi, i'm diana. most people actually call me... well, diana!

where do you live?
long island, new york.

how old are you?

are you single/engaged/married/divorced/a combination/don't care?
i'm dating the sweetest and most wonderful man of God, blake. and this coming september, we will celebrate our 4 year anniversary :)

what kinds of things do you do for fun? what kinds of things do you do to make money? [lucky you if they're one in the same]
well. i love writing, running, reading and spending time with my family. to make my money, i work in new york's corporate america in a consulting firm just outside the city. but, i'm a writer. and if i could, i'd write my little life away from my room, from a coffee shop, from a book store... from anywhere :)

who's your favorite person to spend time with?
God, my family & blake. but, since blake and i don't get to see each other much these days, i reallllly cherish the time we do get to spend together.

what's your guilty pleasure food?
i literally could eat cookout milkshakes (WHATTUP NORTH CAROLINA!) all day/everyday/always/forever.

are you a fall, winter, spring, or summer person? why?
i've been a summergirl since the day i was born. fireflies. thunderstorms. beaches. barbeques. fireworks. picnics. to me, it's a no brainer.

what do you want to see more of on my blog?
i love your pictures. and your descriptions of the mundane... it's so beautiful! and since you just told us you love crafting... i'd love to see/hear about some of your crafts!

gimme a fun fact about you.
hmmm. well, i went on a cruise last summer and entered the "miss. biceps" competition and i placed and won an award. what award, you ask? well, i was named, "miss. spaghetti arms" and had to wear a pink sash (which displayed my new name) for the duration of the day. everyone called me it for the rest of the cruise... (like strangers, not just my family) and i never lived it down. BUT, i did win a free bahama mama out of the deal. so there's that.

THIS WAS FUN, JACKIE :) hope you're well, sweet pea!

Kim said...

Hi! My name's Kim, I'm 23 & living with my boyfriend in New Hampshire. For fun, I love hiking with my puppy, crafting and making delicious treats. For money (for now) I work in a crazy office for commercial diving. My favorite person to spend time with is my boyfriend Zac, but it's almost a tie with my best friend, Nicole. My guilty pleasure food is almost any Ben & Jerry's ice cream (helloooo Clusterfluff). I am by far a summer girl but I do love the fall because that's when my birthday is. I am really enjoying your blog so far, but I just started following so I don't have any real input for you (sorry!). Fun fact? I manage an office for a commercial diving firm that owns 3 boats and umpteen dive barges, but I don't know how to swim.

stefanie said...

-my name is stefanie! some people call me stef, and a select few (mom, boyfriend, and best friend) are allowed to call me feffy--a name my big brother gave me as a toddler when he couldn't pronounce "stefanie". it's cute and comforting coming from those 3, but when other people hear it and run with it, it kind of freaks me out and makes me feel strangely exposed. and boy, do they run with it.

-i live in tallahassee, florida! but i was born and (partly) raised in las vegas. the other part of the partly happened in charlotte, NC and in a small town near orlando, FL. oh, and i also lived in london for a semester in college and i LOVED that.
*secret: i'm now planning to move to st. thomas in the virgin islands. but nobody really knows yet. don't tell ;)

-i'm 21! and i don't look forward to ever getting a day older! truth be told, i didn't even care about turning 21. but alas, 22 will be here on the 4th of July :(

-i'm in love with a sweet boyfriend of 5 years! no engagements or marriage coming anytime soon.

-for fun, i travel every chance i can get! my dad works for USairways so i fly free and am constantly tempted to hop on a plane. it's sort of a problem. but an awesome one.
also my newest obsession is music festivals. i just got back from bonnaroo and am already itching to go back!
alsooo, i graduated with a degree in creative writing, so i guess i like that :)

-my all time favorite people are my mom, my best friend amber, and my peter (boyfriend, not body part!)

-amber and i have gone to walgreens 3 nights in a row to get kit-kats. it's getting really embarrassing. we've vowed to not go back until friday... or maybe thursday.

-i'm obsessed with the first couple weeks of every season, and then i'm ready for the next. summer is obviously a blast, but those first nights of crisp cold fall are my favorite. and then traveling up north to frolick in snow becomes my favorite. and then i'm obsessed with the first glimpses of spring flowers and warm sunshine.

-keep doing your thing! i like it all already ;)
you have a really good natural voice.

-fun fact: if i could live anywhere in the world, i'm almost positive i'd chose the luberon valley in southern france. it's heaven.

whew that was much longer than i intended it to be, but there ya go! thanks for hosting this, it was so much fun!

Punky J said...

Haha, I promised you I would get to these questions eventually! Here we go....

My name is Jen. But ever since this one table at this one job suggested I looked like Punky Brewster, everyone started agreeing thereafter, and so sometimes I am known as Punky as well. Especially around these internet parts here. Most men in my life have called me by my last name tho.. which is Sobel. I don't get that, but it is my name after all, so it's cool.

I live in Ventura, CA. It's a hippie beach community sittin' right in between LA and Santa Barbara. I will be relocating to NYC next month tho!! Weeeee! Can we like hang out?!

I'm 24. Soon to be 25.. next month. eeee!

single, baby.

let's see for fun... I hang out on Netflix, or watch shows like the Bachelorette. Sometimes I read, but not really. Then of course there's the blogging. I also really enjoy being outside. Hiking is awesome. For monies I wait tables.

My favorite person to spend time with is definitely my sisters. They are my best friends and they know me best. We laugh a lot and I can be myself around them 100%
guilty pleasure food=
french fries and ice cream. and candy. i love sugar.

I like the winter time because I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! Plus boots, coats and scarves are my fave!

I love your blogs just the way it is!!!

fun fact about me... I dated a rockstar once. It's true. His name is Cedric Bixler and he's the lead singer of a band called The Mars Volta. It was a shocking and magical event that occurred in my life some years ago.


Punky J said...
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