life lately has been pretty routine.
with only 24 days to go until our wedding, my days are pretty much taken over by things for that. 
there's always someone to call, appointments to go to, crafts to make.
i love it though. as stinky as it is to not have an income right now, i'm glad that i don't have a job so that i'm able to devote my time to making our day awesome. 

this past week, we were super productive. my mom, jessa, and i have started making the table runners, as evidenced here:

and i've been crafting up a storm too!
we're not printing programs, so this will be on one side of the "doors" to the ceremony, to introduce our bridal party.
this will be on the other side, to tell the guests what to do. typical me.
also, i just decided i'm changing the right side. i don't like it.
we're having mason jars with heart tags on them held by twine as escort cards. so this board will be on the table where all the jars are to explain. but now that i look at the picture on here, it's kind of hard to read "find" and "go".
 so that'll be changed too i guess.

and there's still tons to be done.
but we have 24 days, people. don't worry.
in other news, i've finished the Couch to 5k training app and have been running like a champ lately. i never thought i'd be a "runner", but i love it. i look forward to my runs every day. 
so there's that.
also, among all of this wedding stuff, there's always time for fun.
for example:

so that's all.
planning, crafting, running and fun.
summer 2012 has been a successful one so far, but there needs to be more summer nights. you know how this is the first summer that Ben's been around since we started dating? well, we still haven't gone to the beach when it was warm enough to go in the water. nor have we gone to get ice cream on a date. no drive-in, no concerts together, no late summer nights. nothing.
ben's up on base until Saturday, but once he gets home, it's my mission to work on that.
i'll get back to you about my success as soon as possible.


stefanie said...

you guys are absolutely adorable! i'm so excited to see more of your wedding plans unfold into a beautiful reality :)

stefanie said...

you guys are absolutely adorable! i'm so excited to see more of your wedding plans unfold into a beautiful reality :)

Amy - Book Monster said...

YAY! YOUR OWN PHOTOS! I love them. Thank you. :]

Bohemian Beautiful said...

ahh congrats on finishing couch to 5k!!!! I got halfway through last year before other things got in the way but I'm back on track with it now, starting at the beginning again though. Determined to get to the end this time!! Did you know there is a 10k app now? :)

Emily [Bulldogs and Babies] said...

Your wedding looks sO easy going and fun. Also, do it all, night swims, I've cream dates, drive in movies. The first year of marriage is magic. We still do these things(ice cream dates) every week, 6 years in. Blessings!

Jessie said...

You make wedding planning look fun. That's how I want mine to be - homemade, simple, and relaxed. All of your crafty things are making me really excited to plan my (for now)nonexistent wedding. Also, I've been thinking about getting the couch to 5k app. I CAN'T run, and I would really like to start. Good to hear that you didn't consider yourself a runner before and now you do.