june 27

yesterday was such a good day.

the story starts as i was on my way to work.
all of the well-wishes that you sweethearts sent me on Friday must have worked because i got an e-mail on Monday from the receptionist job, offering me the position. so i started yesterday, and it was awesome. but more on that in a second.

as i was zooming down the highway to the Freelance Whales, my phone rang and it was the landlord from the apartment that we love and i wrote about in my last post. she was calling to let me know that they'd like to have us as tenants! we set up a time to go sign the lease and that was that. i'm BEYOND excited to have our first place. to move in and decorate and make it our home. also, to have people over. i'm going to be the queen of dinner parties in tiny apartments.

so then i got to work and had such a wonderful day. my immediate supervisor is a sweetheart, all of the other employees are so nice, and one guy even has an Oklahoma accent, which makes him cooler in my eyes. it seems like a simple enough job and apparently, i'll even have some down time to do homework [if i decide to work on my Master's], or read some blogs, or any of that. which is wonderful.

then my evening was even better. it was my brother's birthday!!! the awesome 23 year old wanted some fishing lures [exciting...], so i went into Gander Mountain in my fancy work clothes with my delicious Dunkin Donuts frozen mocha coffee in hand and picked out the prettiest lures with the help of some guy in ripped jeans, a Carhart hat and a fishing pole in hand. he knew what he was doing a little more than i did. then onto Target to pick up a maxi skirt [i don't know how i waited this long], and out of Target with said skirt, hair clips, a new make up brush, some Sharpies, and a birthday card. the curse of overspending at Target strikes again.

thennn to Bugaboo Creek to meet up with the birthday boy and fam. we were the loud table in the back with all of the gifts around us. one reason i love my family is because of how much fun we have together. and all of our significant others make it even better. 

and now some pictures:
jake and his girlfriend, jenn. aww. 
birthday boy and our momma. 
and the whole famdamily.
seriously such a good day.


Brooke said...

Sounds like such an awesome day. Congrats on the new job!

Nicole said...

I love days like this. Happy Birthday to your brother!

Carrie Starr said...

Congrats on the job! So glad you like it. What a wonderful first day. And I love the pics. Your family rocks! Miss you all. Love, carrie =)

Anonymous said...

That does sound like an amazing day! Congrats on getting the job! & I'm super jealous that you can read or be on the computer at work. I need to make sure I can do that at my next job ;) & family time IS the best!


twiggy@thedirtlife said...

Congrats on landing the new job! I wasn't part of the well-wishing as this is my first time here, but I'm still happy for you on this end of it!

Ariel Tyler said...

The last picture is SO happy! I love it!

Eleata Mitchell said...

WOW!!! Super news! So much to celebrate! Love to all of you!

Aunt Leta

Amy - Book Monster said...

Aw...! I'm SO glad you had such a great day. I LOVE when exciting things happen all at one time. Didn't you just feel over the moon all day? I love that feeling. If it were possible, I would invite you over to my new place for drinks and appetizers and [once again, if it were possible] aftewards I would insist on going to your place for more drinks and dessert. It would be fun.

tandaschroeder said...

CUTE pictures! I am absolutely LOVING your blog! New follower!

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