the most thoughtful gift everrrrr

at my bridal shower, i was beyond amazed at how generous everyone was with their gifts. i knew that these people love Ben and I and they supported us and our relationship in a thousand different ways, but the fact that they spent their hard earned money and their valuable time getting us gifts to start our home with was such a blessing to me.
i'm so thankful for that.

everyone's gifts were adorable and so thoughtful, but there's one gift that i wanted to share with you all today because it is just so damn cute and they put so much time and effort into making it for me. 
my aunts on my Dad's side, Marta, Thyra and Janene, wrote this poem for Ben and I and put together gift bundles for each month of it. it's incredible.

"Jaclyn, we are so happy for you and of course Benjamin too. Here's a shower of good wishes to last the whole year through.

January is a month that's freezing, and who could forget the snow. Here are a couple of things to help you warm up when the cold winds start to blow.
it's mugs that they found on my Pinterest and Aunt Thyra made, hot cocoa & some marshmellows!
February is the month of romance, and we all know how much you love love. So here are some things to help you bake some treats for the man you've always dreamed of.
there's a heart shaped baking pan and heart shaped cookie cutter, mixing bowls, a measuring cup and spoons, the LOVE picture frame & 52 Tokens of Affection cards.

March is the month of four leaf clovers, leprechauns, and pots of gold, so here are some things to help you celebrate St. Patty's day before you get too old.
there was a set of beer mugs, a 4 leaf clover necklace & a St. Patrick's day lei thing.
April is a soggy month. Who wants to go outside? So why not stay in and have a movie night with your husband by your side.
it's giant popcorn bucket, some girly movies, a bottle of Chardonnay, popcorn & peanut m&m's!

May is the time when pretty blossoms really start to show, so here are a few things to help you make your own little flowers grow.
the cutest watering can alive, a book on gardening & some seed packets.
June is the month that we can say summer is finally here. So here are some things to help pack a lunch to enjoy with the man you hold dear.
it's a giant picnic basket, with a little knitted blanket, some outdoor plates and cups, plastic silverware & summery Tupperware.

July is the month our country is decorated in colors of red, white and blue. Here are a few things to get you in the spirit and help you beat the heat too.
an adorable flag decorative box, two flag mini ice cream bowls, an ice cream scoop, hot fudge & sprinkles!
August is hot and humid. You need some relief ASAP. Here are some things to help you make lemonade or maybe you prefer iced tea.
some Arnold Palmer drink mix, a lemon shaped ice cube tray & beverage stirrers.

September is when apples are easy to come by. Here are a few things to help you make a delicious apple pie.
an apple shaped cutting board [that they all wrote sweet messages on the back of], a pie dish, & an apple slicer.

October is the month when it starts to get dark early so here is something to brighten the night, and one more thing for a Halloween fright.
it's a Halloween candle and votive, a candy corn dish cloth, & a little serving bowl set, filled with coffee beans and tea lights [another idea they found on my Pinterest, those sneak pots].
November means Thanksgiving, a time for food and family. Here are a few things to help you make your turkey a bit more easily.
it's a turkey pan, carving utensils, a Thanksgiving dish cloth & an adorable scarecrow doorknob hanger.
December is the month of Christmas and all of the holiday cheer. Here are a few things to celebrate and remember the end of the year.
it's a Santa serving platter, a gorgeous muffin pan & a picture frame that Aunt Thyra also made.
isn't this just the most creative gift ever?
those aunts of mine are some thoughtful women.
love you guys :)


Anonymous said...

that is the most thoughtful, sweet gift ever! oh my. i would have NEVER thought to do something like that!


Brooke said...

This is such a thoughtful gift! How cool!

Britta Marie said...

oh my gosh!! this IS seriously the most creative and amazing gift ever haha. i would die. and i am so jealous! my favorites are the muffin pan from december, the lemon shaped ice cubes, and january's mugs! so much fun.

Ariel Tyler said...

That's such a beautiful gift! The mugs in the first picture might be my absolute favorite!

Sara said...

That's absolutely adorable! They are awesome!

trishie said...

That is just the most awesome gift idea ever!

According to Jax said...

This is amazing!! What a thoughtful family you have!


Ciiku said...

This is so fantastic!!!