wedding diaries: my bridal shower

I know it's already Wednesday and my shower was on Sunday, but the past few days have been full of running errands and getting organized and all that jazz.
we get married in a month, people.

so, as you all know, my bridesmaids and family threw me an awesome bridal shower on Sunday to get Ben and I ready for this new life we're going to be starting together. 
there were adorable navy blue and yellow decorations, thanks to the sweet decorating ideas of my sister and the work of her, the bridesmaids, and my mom/stepmom/aunts/cousins/grandmas.
most of my favorite women were there, but we only thought to get one group shot of my mom's side of the family, right at the end.
[my college roommate] Lacey Blue was there too. i've missed her!
we also played typical bridal shower games like making the wedding dress out of tissue paper and the clothespin game where they weren't allowed to say "Ben" or "wedding". thankfully, i didn't have to participate in that one :) 
also, i read tons of sweet cards and opened the cutest gifts around that will be the stuff that starts mine and Ben's home together. i'm pretty pumped for that.

thanks to all of my real life people out there reading this! Mom, Jessa, Aunt Thyra/Marta/Janene and anyone else: you guys made me feel so loved. thank you for everything.

it was such a beautiful day. from the second i got there, i felt so surrounded by the love and support that these ladies have for me. so many people put so much effort into making my shower a sweet and memorable one; i can only imagine what our wedding day is going to be like! 

guess we'll find out in 30 days :)


M. Flynn said...

Aw so fun! You look so cute and happy :)

Ariel Tyler said...

So cute! I can't wait to stalk pictures of your wedding! I'm so so excited for you!

Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

this looks like so much fun! it makes me thing back to my bridal showers - so so much fun :)

Katya said...

Love the photos! Looks like so much fun!

Diana said...

AHHH!!! Jackie!

Okay so...

1. Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL! I love the curls!
2. I've never seen these colors at a wedding before but it reminds me so much of Summer... I just might copy you one day!
3. Thanks so much for posting pictures :)
4. I am so glad you felt so loved... because you are!



Anonymous said...

aww, so fun! everything looks adorable. can't wait to see how cute your wedding is!



Ann Marie said...

outdoor bridal showers are the best! yours was beautiful!

alex said...

The photos are beautiful! You must be so excited! Can't wait for the wedding photos!

Jessica Jane said...

So fun and exciting! I'm getting married next year and wish you the best.

mark lawrence said...

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