jumbled friday

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- i couldn't sleep last night. usually i'm not that girl. but i watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, shut it off to get some sleep and started thinking about wedding things that should get done this weekend. then that rolled into wedding things that should get done, period, and then i realized that our wedding is 3 weeks from today. i'm not worried, really, it wasn't like an "oh no, only 3 weeks and all of these things to do!", it was more like "okay, 3 weeks, what needs to get done first, what can we skip?". but Ben will be home tomorrow, so we can tackle everything together. that makes me feel better.

-Ben will be home tomorrow! which is wonderful. he's only been on his base that's like an hour and a half away, but it's been annoying to try and get stuff done and not have him around to talk to about it. and of course, i'm excited to see him.

-i have two interviews today! the first is a part time receptionist job at an engineering company. i went to their website to do a little research and i couldn't understand a single word. it was all "embedded product development...algorithms...Texas Instruments" and i was all "i can answer the phone and smile at people!" so we'll see how that goes. and the other is for a part time nannying job! which would be fun. i'm just looking for a job that'll get us by for the year while Ben finishes school and i start to do my master's. cause then we are out of New York.

-i'm thinking about getting my master's... i was so against it at the end of college, because i'm sick of school. sick of homework, sick of wasting my time. but when i applied for all of these jobs that i wanted, they all told me they were looking for Masters educated applicants. so really i feel like i have no other choice. i'm just looking for something cheap and easy i can do online and get done in a year or so. so we'll see about that.

that's all. this is life lately. sorry it's nothing exciting or pretty, but this is my reality. i love it, but it's not always photo ready. hope you all have a wonderful weekend, friends :)


Kim said...

As someone with a history background currently working at a commercial diving firm that is way, way, way above my head, the best tip I can give you is to say that you're well-organized and a quick learner! :) Let me know if you want any other quick pointers! Good luck :)

Treasure Tromp said...

good luck with interviews! And going back for a Masters may be a great idea. Although I was nervous about it (2 more year of sitting in class, no thank you), I'm really happy that I did it.

Jessica Wray said...

congrats on the interviews! good luck!!

Bohemian Beautiful said...

oo what do you want to do a masters in/what did you study at uni/college?

I dont think I could contemplate having to go back for a third time to do a masters. After I did my degree I had to go back and do a diploma before I could get a job, but it actually wasn't so bad. I think a masters would be a bit more full on though.

Also I saw this and thought of you http://www.digbyrose.com/2012/infographic-complete-wedding-planning-guide-and-checklist/

ps. those heart fans I saw on instagram look super cute!! love it!

pps. hope you did well in your interviews!!

ppps: (too many ps's!) email is now on my blogger profile :)

Lisa said...

i really love your blog.. newest follower!


Carly said...

We got married last summer, I remember not believing ours was only 3 weeks away! Enjoy every moment!

Just found your blog, I'm a new follower and can't wait to read more!


M. Flynn said...

Woo hope your interviews went well! I miss youuu.