this weekend last year i left for france.
i packed up two over-jammed suitcases, kissed my mom goodbye at the airport gates [cause ben was already gone on his deployment], and headed out for a country across the ocean that i had never been to, let alone all by myself.
it was so exciting.
and, as i stepped off the plane into an airport that had a language i only half recognized blaring over the speakers, it was a little bit scary.
but i survived. i thrived.
i met an awesome friend [hi Emily!], discovered Speculoos and Nutella gelato, and got the best tan of my life.
it was an incredible experience.

and this weekend two years ago was when benny left for boot camp.
we really didn't have any idea what he was getting into, but i dropped him off at the airport with a bunch of kisses and a promise to call as soon as he could.
i spent that summer with my phone attached to my hand and a tendency to stop at my mailbox as many times in a day as i could without looking like an obsessive person.
luckily, we made it through those 8 weeks and i have a whole bunch of love letters to prove it.
it was not such an incredible experience, but one that changed us, none the less.

and now, this weekend, i don't have such a big things going on in my life.
there will be no cross-continent trips for either of us, praise the lord.
just some runs, shopping for a new wedding dress [i'll explain later], and an exciting secret plan.
it's odd to look back at where we were 1 & 2 years ago, and i wouldn't trade those experiences for anything, but i sure am glad that this summer holds a different kind of adventure.
the kind that keeps us together.


TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

It's amazing how far one year can take us. What beautiful memories from last year - I bet it was amazing to spend time in France, what a great experience! Hope you're having a great weekend (although much less eventful)

Ciara said...

France, fabulous! My jealousy is beyond comprehension :P