wedding diaries: a home

after a long day of apartment searching and calling and hunting, we think we found the one. it's in a town that's close to our parent's homes, but not too close. big enough to hold everything we need, but small enough to be within our budget. with enough windows and sunshine and room to eat our newlywed dinners, it all seems perfect. 

and then we drove down the street and realized that the restaurant that's catering our wedding is right there. the barbeque neon signs were flashing and our tummies were growling. and we walked in and this was on the table.
and it kind of hit me. the cheesy wall hanging spoke to me and whispered that there is a home to make here in New York just as much as there will be a home to make when we move to Texas. this one will be an awesome home, full of love and pretty things and it will get filled with memories. but the dream of having a grand adventure South together is still there. we're going to start our lives together right here and right now, and then pick up and move all of that to a place that we both feel we're meant to be. just because we're not following that dream right this very second doesn't mean that we won't ever do it. even though it sometimes feels suffocating staying in the same city i grew up in, this is what we need for a year.
this first home will be our start, where we settle into this place and settle into each other. we'll start the year with me waking up for work and packing Ben lunches for school. we'll watch the seasons change. we'll create birthday traditions and have our first Christmas as mr & mrs and learn what it's like to share such an intimate space with someone you're sticking with, for better or for worse. there will be fights, there will be make ups, there will be late nights spent on the kitchen floor, sharing our days and probably a bowl of ice cream.
and those are the moments i can't wait for. whether it's here or in Texas, Ben is my home. creating a life with him is what i was made to do and i can't wait to get started, no matter where that is.


vintch said...

oh darling. you are in for such a treat. a first home is a special thing, no matter the place. where you start out and learn about this crazy thing called marriage. it's been four years, and i still remember our first home with the sweetest memories. i've got no doubt you'll have the same:) xoxo

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

that sounds perfect for sure. home is where the heart is, right? congrats on finding a place!

Carly said...

Aw what a big step! We are still in our first little apartment, and I'm starting to love it! Take the time to decorate, so that you love it!


Amy - Book Monster said...

Oh this is so cute. Home IS wherever you make it with whomever you choose to make it with. I'm glad you realize that. Some people don't! Ever!