jazz fest, jazz hands, and all that jazz

at the end of last week, Ben and i decided to take a break from the crazy wedding planning and go do something fun outside. Rochester has this huge international jazz festival every summer, so we drove downtown and had a little date night!

we got some delicious food, walked around to explore a bit, and listened to good music. it was a fun and much needed night out.
this picture doesn't show it well, but it was packed. sweaty people EVERYWHERE. mostly middle aged people, actually.
Ben wanted his jambalaya in the picture cause it was that good apparently.
Xerox had a free photobooth there, so we took full advantage of that and had these awesome posters made.
two seconds after i took this picture [of a flower that my sweet fiance picked for me], some crazy sweaty guy came up to our car asking for money to buy insulin. it was terrifying.
the drive home was gorgeous.
anddd then we went home, sat outside, and worked more on our wedding playlists.
because the wedding is in 11 days, after all.

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Chelsea Coleen said...

looks so fun! i can not believe yalls wedding is in 11 days!!!!