booze cruise [an addendum to honeymoon posts]

I mentioned in one of the honeymoon posts that on the Tuesday while we were there, we decided to get off the resort and go on an excursion. the wildlife tour sounded like a little too much heat and smelly animals and the dune buggies sounded like a little too much excitement. we were looking for something relaxing, but awesome. enter the Dominican booze cruise:

we were picked up at the resort and shuttled to some fancy part of the DR, where we hopped on a giant catamaran with 2 other couples and a family of 4. the couples were all middle aged and the kids in the family were in college, so although we started off the day as strangers on a boat, by the end, we were all swapping stories and getting to know each other.

first, we snorkled!
the underwater camera was one of the best choices we made all week. this excursion was the number one best choice.
then we got back on the boat for a hot second, floated over to a natural swimming pool, and hopped back into the water.
this is my favorite picture of the whole trip.
Richard and Richard were the best booze cruise guides. I mean, they brought out the floating bar. how could we not love them?
we quickly became besties.
Carrie and Steve were our besties too. especially because they kept reminding us not to have babies anytime soon. we bonded over the desire to enjoy things like vacay in the Caribbean while we could.
after a while of giant beer bottles in the ocean, it was time to get back on the boat, float around, and make the trip back home. we danced the whole way back and that, my friends, was beyond fun. 
one of the Richards stole our camera and promptly stole my heart with this photo. 
this one too.
and then we got back to the resort, I stole all of the door banners, we got some nachos, and you know what happened from there.


Emma McCartney said...

This is such a lovely blog! xx

The Management said...

awesome pictures again! so glad you had fun :)

Erin Marie said...

looks like so much fun!! glad you guys had a good time.

Reccewife said...

looks like a blast!

Treasure Tromp said...

this all looks so amazing!!!