Her Perfect Day

Although my sister is back and blogging again she's super busy with moving in and settling in to her married life. So I hijacked her blog and I'm gonna write today. Because I wanna. 

The wedding was simply perfect, if I had to choose one word to describe it that would be it. Obviously there were little imperfections, things that didn't go according to plan but with the way that Jackie is it didn't matter. The wedding had Jackie's name written all over it from her bare feet up to the crayons on the table. The BBQ food and the ice cream for dessert. The mason jars and the yard games. It was perfect because it was her. 

The whole entire day I was the one freaking out of.course. Usually it's backwards I think but not with us. She had to keep me calm. My sister and best friend was getting married so obviously I was freaking out. In a way it sorta felt like I was gonna lose her.. but I had to realize that Ben and I are just gonna have to share. darn.it.  No man can ruin the relationship between my sister and I. I love her with all of my heart. And don't worry my freaking out and being upset that I was gonna lose her was not because I didn't think Ben was right for her. Because I know one hundred percent that she married the right person. I knew he was different from the start. When they first started dating I said "Don't screw it up with this one. You're different with him." And she is. He's always there to support her in whatever she does, he's there to tell her how crazy she is or how crazy her hair is today. He's there to love her for exactly who she is. And that's perfect for her.
This is one of the many beautiful pictures the photographer took. I love this girl more than she'll ever know and I couldn't be happier for her and Ben.
 <3 your bestie


Chelsea Coleen said...

goosebumps! what a good little writer too! i really love this. make me miss my little sister, shes 5 years younger :) whose older you or sissy?

Bohemian Beautiful said...

oh how sweet! I love sibling love, I'm glad you are both so close and love each other so much :)

Niken said...

this is so sweet :)

Melissa Blake said...

I've written several times about my sister...so sweet!! xoxo

dana @ wonder forest said...

aw it sounds like it was perfect!
xo dana