five senses

Blogger & Picasa are still on my shit list, so this morning, I'm trying something different. 
I don't remember where I saw this, but if you know, please tell me  and I'll credit them.

DIY idea - fabric scrap bunting
from here

today, I'm

seeing: an old friend that's turned into a new friend. she gets married on Saturday [!] and we're taking time to relax a bit before the crazy of her getting married sets in.

hearing: Mumford & Sons "I Will Wait". i CANNOT wait for their new album on September 21.

smelling: the coffee beans in our vacuum bag that get into the air every time we vacuum. it's a weird time to crave coffee, but it smells pretty dang good.

tasting: this incredibly easy queso dip that I found the recipe for a while ago. it's basically white American cheese, green chile juice and some milk. if you want it, let me know because it's changed my world.

feeling: so so so incredibly grateful for the life that I have. it's the sweetest thing to share a home and a life and all of this love with Ben. I'm so blessed.


Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

obsessed with mumford & sons! i'm sad they aren't touring near DC this summer but i'll just have to keep stalking their website until they come here. there's this network on tv(can't remember the name) that plays a lot of music, mainly "unplugged" stuff and mumford and sons was on there last week. we recorded it and i've been watching it almost every day now. they are SO GOOD!

Erin Marie said...

LOVING that m&s song. love them. and the more i see cute stuff like that patterned fabric flag thing, the more i realize i need a sewing machine. like neeeeeed.

~ callee ~ said...

Oh, I'm still reeling from seeing M&S last weekend. Oh, my heart - the harmonies. The lyrics. Sheesh. I shall recover soon.

Cannot wait for their new record!!!!

Stephanie said...

Did you intentionally put coffee beans in your vacuum bag??? I think that's a genius idea!

Ariel Tyler Henley said...

LOVE mumford and sons!