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it's so odd that it's the end of August already, but then again, this summer feels like it's been one of the longest, in the very best way. getting married was the best way I could have ever hoped to spend my summer and I love that it did take up the whole summer. from graduation in May until our wedding on July 13, Ben and I worked on projects for it, then we actually got married and then all that traveling afterwards and then moving in. but you've heard all this before. i'm just saying that it's been such a summer.

and now, we're settled in and living this new married life. Ben was home for a day and a half, but now he's gone for another week and I'm home, enjoying more time to myself. 

thank you all SO much for your support of my big announcement yesterday! seriously, you were all dolls about it and it means a lot to me. this Etsy shop thing is all new to me, but I'm so excited about it. I love my packaging almost as much as I love my cards, so I'm just waiting to be able to use it :) remember, all this week, anyone who uses the code "openingweek" gets 10% off of your order.

we got our wedding pictures last night! our sweet photographer, BA, printed out and put together an adorable album for us, plus a bunch of extra prints, plus one of our faves in a frame! so I'm in heaven pouring through all of these beautiful photographs and when I get off of Cloud 9, I'll share them here. Hopefully within a week or two, I'll get all the posts together. it's so sweet how many of you have asked about them, I love having this community here that's so supportive and so happy for me, always.

well, that's all for today! I'm off to help my brother and future sister-in-law paint their new old house and then I have a friend date this afternoon. I just love having people over to our new home. seriously, this married thing is my favorite thing ever. I love saying "welcome to our home" when I let people in. once we have a few more things on the walls, I will give you guys a tour and say the same exact thing. 

this post brought to you by the Newlywed Club. thanks, friends, for dealing with my incessant bragging :)


Bohemian Beautiful said...

but it's happy bragging, and well-deserved. you earned it! we are just basking in your happiness :)

The Management said...

I love reading about your "bragging", so I don't think it's really brrrraaagggging, if you know what I mean, haha.