lately [entertaining myself]

this week has been a good one.
even though Ben has been gone, and that part has sucked, I've finally had time to do things that I love that I just couldn't find time for before the wedding [and subsequent honeymoon, camp & moving]. it's all kind of trivial stuff, but I like having time for trivial now. trivial is nice.

trivial is cracking up at the contrast of my bike & his bike right next to each other in the garage.

I've cooked. I mentioned the roasted tomato & garlic soup that I made over the weekend, and that was something entirely new for me. I had bought tomatoes at the market the week before and wanted to use them before they went bad, but neither Ben nor I actually likes to just eat tomatoes, so I searched around for a soup recipe and made that. the soup is in the freezer for a while until autumn sets in and I have any remote desire to put hot liquids in my belly, but I'm excited to see how that turned out. and if it isn't good at all, oh well. at least I tried. I also baked chocolate chip cookies when my sister was over again the other day, and we tried a new recipe. the dough wasn't as delicious to eat [which was a bummer], but the cookies are damn good. I like that I'm trying new things.

I've been watching How I Met Your Mother. Ben and I started it a while ago and have been slowly making our way through it, an episode or two at a time, but this week, we've both been blazing through it. he gets out of work and has nothing to do at night and ditto for me, so we both turn it on and watch it on our own, texting each other about the funny parts. it just so happens that the funny parts are the whole show. seriously, if you're not into it yet, get on that. Netflix is one of my favorite inventions simply because we can watch this hilarity.

I've been crafting. my grandparents got me a craft supply organizer as an early [early] birthday present, so I finally got to set up my own little craft corner in our bedroom and I've been able to just make things for fun. I loved making things for our wedding, but there was always a time crunch and sometimes I just didn't feel like it. now, I get to be inspired and then go use whatever supplies I want, whenever I feel like it. it's wonderful.

I've been catching up with people. you know that my little sister, Jessa, has stayed with me a few times, but I've also skyped with Amy, had my aunt and cousins stop by for a little bit, and I went out with a friend from college last night. it's nice to have interactions with real human beings sprinkled throughout my week of solitude. I'm definitely enjoying this time to myself, as I've turned towards being a little bit of an introvert these past few years, but it seems like every time I get lonely, somebody is willing to come keep me company. which is nice.

and lastly, I've been working on a secret project! I got an idea last week, have been working at it all this week, and I'll launch it on Monday!!! I'm really surprised that I've been able to keep quiet for this long and I've almost accidentally posted a picture on Instagram or a tweeted about it SO many times, but finally, I'll be able to reveal the big secret. I'm excited and scared and just so many other things.

so, morals of the story: this week has been nice. I miss my husband and can't wait for him to come home, but I've been doing just fine in the mean time. and come back on Monday for my special announcement!!!


The Management said...

sounds like your soup will be great!

and about HIMYM... yes, that show is hilarious. My boyfriend and I watched the whole series shortly after we met- made for lots of great, laughing, bonding time!

Bohemian Beautiful said...

ohh I love that time where you have been busy for ages, and you find some quiet time to just do things that are fun for you, that interest you and that you can do by yourself. quiet time is the best, but the missing of the husband is not the best. can't wait to hear about your new project :D

Anonymous said...

down time to just do whatever the hell you want is so nice! i wanna know about your secret projecccctttt!

Soph said...

This is so cute. I love your blog. <3 Keep up the good work miss. You've got a new follower!

Nicole Marie said...

how cute is your bike!

Mariel Torres said...

I'm in love with your bike. seriously.