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a glimpse at our wedding ceremony that is completely unrelated to the rest of this post
by Brette-Ashley)

I've been trying for an hour to write a damn post about my weekend, but Blogger is being annoying and not letting my upload any more pictures. 
I try clicking on the link to buy more Picasa storage, but that brings me nowhere. I tried putting the pictures in Flickr and then copy/pasting them onto Blogger, but then they're all blurry. nothing is working. so that's annoying.
I guess I'll take this as a sign that I need to get off my bum, go for a run, and do other productive things with my day. today will be a day of applying for a job that seems tailored for me, making trips to the laundromat in town, and doing the FAFSA for grad school. exciting stuff. 

the plan is homemade pizza once Ben gets home from his first day of classes, so I'm keeping my eyes set on that. I can do anything if there's melty, gooey cheese as my reward.


Anonymous said...

what kind of crust do you use? can i have your recipe if you make it?? i really want to try making homemade pizza!

Erin Marie said...

i think a lot of people have had trouble with blogger lately so don't feel so bad. :) keep your eyes on that pizza, lady!

Reccewife said...

mmmm, pizza is the best kind of reward!

Mama Smith said...

I didn't know you could run out of space on Picassa- yikes! Pizza solves everything though.

xo Lilly

Bon Bon said...

YES! Pizza makes the world go 'round. You can do it, (says I, as I sit here on my bum trying to avoid any and all laundry/dishes/vacuuming/contributing to society/etc.) xoxo

Brittany LeSueur said...

I hat it when blogger is gay! I have been reading through your posts and you are so cute! Congrats on grad school! That is a major accomplishment!

Kim said...

ohh! I've heard from other bloggers they're having the same problem too!

found the route

Anonymous said...

Oh the laundry mat. How fun are those little establishments?

My favourite stars consist of:
the burly man washing his lacy lingerie,
the woman who brings her cats and
the meticulous folder.

Stesha said...

i really really love that photo!