my favorite family tradition

to wrap up my posts about all of our post-wedding traveling, today is all about camp!

every summer, my mom, brother, sister and I go to Family Bible Camp at Camp Findley in Findley Lake, NY. we've been going for 10 years I think, but I've missed parts of two, due to a missions trip the summer before college and seeing Ben graduate from boot camp two years ago. then last year, I was spending my last week in France while the family was there.

needless to say, I was beyond excited when Mom told us that as a Christmas gift, she'd pay for Ben to come to camp as well. just a week after that, Ben proposed and we quickly realized that we'd be coming to camp right from our honeymoon, so plans were made and...
 we headed down the day we got home from the Dominican Republic.
camp is all about traditions for us. it's always the same week of the year with the same people, doing the same activities. it's known, it's fun and it's comforting. afternoon volleyball games are part of the experience. 
Ben didn't quite appreciate camp as much as us regulars do, but he fit right in. 
my husband, serving like a champ. 
our giant group friend photo is another tradition. we were missing a bunch of friends this year, which was sad. growing up and having to work sucks. 
intense 4-Square is another tradition. 
grossly dirty feet are a sign of a good day at camp. 
going to this ice cream shop full of homemade goodness is another tradition. 
me & my pretty sister.
the original camp go-ers.
Ben got bored during church service and entertained himself by drawing. 
Lacey Blue, my college roommate, came on a little road trip and visited us for a day.
rainy afternoons at camp mean games and naps up in the cabin. 
i love these kids. 
 she's so prettyyyyy.
 so is he?
 she definitely is.
and he has beverage & watermelon carrying skills. 
 our crew this year. here's to traditions that grow as the family does too.
this place is like home to me and I'm so thankful that it's a tradition that we've kept up.


Emily said...

That first picture is full of greatness! That my friends is how you really drive a car. You and your sister look like twins. Which in my book is adorable.

Janna Lynn said...

Aw definitely looks and sounds like a GREAT tradition! :-) I hike my leg up when I'm driving just like your hubby does, too! Haha Loved all the pics and look forward to "following" you :-)

The Management said...

there's an ice cream shop in my hometown with a signature wall! I love when places have things like that!