weekend update... a few days later

I finally sorted out the Blogger/Picasa problems, praise the Lord, so here is my weekend. on a Wednesday.

Friday night, I went to a baseball game with my mom, sister, and her boyfriend. Ben was out of town for Air Force stuff again and this boy behind us kept yelling at me,  calling me "red dress" and trying to figure out how old I was. when we made a Dippin Dots run, he followed and made a [funny] fool of himself.
Saturday morning was a relaxing one: blog things, my favorite cereal and a run.
Ben came home on Saturday night and we decided to go for a walk around our new town. I love living at an address with a fraction in it.
the sky was super pretty that night. 
my sweet husband brought me home some love notes, so I laid in bed reading those and Cosmo when he passed out at like 9.
Sunday morning we made a big breakfast, rode our bikes to church, and did some chores.We relaxed all afternoon, and went over to our friends' place at night.

it was a nice, relaxing weekend and now we're halfway through this week!
happy hump day, everyone.

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Erin Marie said...

sounds like a fun weekend! and i love that you're posting this on wednesday :) no for real, it's great.

i dont want to be the one to break it to you after all your picassa trouble but i can't see your pictures! i reloaded the page a couple of times and they still turn up blank. :(