shmoneymooon: part dos

once upon a time, we went on a honeymoon. see the first part here. 
now, for the second round!:
see? a giant inflatable slide. it was even more fun than it looks. 
a little day time entertainment.  
the worker girl sprayed all the guys as they danced down the runway and she was LOVING it. 
this was my daily [manly] lunch: a bacon cheeseburger, nachos, and cerveza. and a sleeping Ben in the background. 
Hibachi grill man had all the tricks. 
all dressed up for dinner. 
love this guy. 
every day at noon, Tutti Frutti lead jazzercise in the pool and we had front row seats on our patio. bingo. 
as part of our honeymoon package, we got a romantic beachside dinner! 
but it ended up being a romantic next to/above the pool dinner. 
seriously. this guy. 
there was a band that would come out and serenade people for any occasion for literally 5 minutes. drums and dancing and everything. 
I was recruited for this one, but then chickened out. I figured I'd save the booty shakin for the husband. or the dance floor when it's dark and everyone is drunk. 
fancy dinner night! 
i can't help myself with these ones.
more tomorrow, but i'm almost done, I swear.


Anonymous said...

yay! so much fun! i just read parts 1 & 2 and am super jealous. looks like you two had an amazing time. and all of the pictures of you guys are so sweet! you both look super happy.

Amy - Book Monster said...

Okay. I didn't know Ben had a tattoo. I must see it. Also, you're a hottie. Look at you getting all dressed out and enjoying your man! I love it.

Bohemian Beautiful said...

holy moly jackie you are just glowing (in a i'm-so-gloriously-happy-and-in-love way, not trying to suggest anything there haha!) plus you are seriously smoking!!!!

Treasure Tromp said...

paradise for sure!!