shmoneymoooon: part one

right after an amazeballs wedding, Ben and I headed out for our kickass honeymoon to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. it was awesome. proof:
 my adorable mother got us Mr. & Mrs. luggage tags. that way we could instantly be pegged as honeymooners in every traveling scenario. 
did i mention that our flight was at 6 am? crazy hair time. 
we landed in Punta Cana to an airport made of grass huts.
the resort thought we were Mr. & Mrs. Quingley, so we went with it. 
they put an adorable "honeymooners" banner on our door. story about that later. 
this guy is my husband :) 
approximately 1,000 photos of us were taken in this exact pose. 
there was a show every single night in the giant auditorium and lucky us, we got to see the Michael Jackson show twice. 
this was our awesome patio on which we read every single morning. such nerdy nerds.
anddd the pool.

this was the awesome bar right outside our room. from 10 to 6, it was party central. this was obviously after hours. 
husband on the comfy sun bed. 
my cabana boy brought me a mimosa. 
cute cabana boy. 
we went on an excursion that involved snorkeling, a floating bar, and a dance party. there were also 2 Dominican guys named Richard and one named David with seashells in his dreads. 
we really enjoyed the floating bar. 
so some jerks ripped our Honeymooners banner off of our door the second night we were there, and after the floating bar/dance party, I figured I'd return the favor by ripping down a bunch of other people's and wearing them as sashes. there were some Happy Birthday and Welcome Back ones in there too, I think. strangers were congratulating me left and right.

tomorrow: beach pics, a giant blow up slide, and some of the natives. just you wait.


Lisa said...

soo cute.. looks like an amazing honeymoon. The place you stayed looks beauitful!

Niken said...

lovely photos. the place looks awesome!

Sophie @TheForge said...

looks wonderful! congratulations on getting married and all the best :)


christine donee said...

omg. that pool!

I need it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! I just found your blog and your humor is hilarious! :D I'm your newest follower.

Who would rip that banner off your door? Rude! But hilarious response!!

xoxo, Erin

Bohemian Beautiful said...

ohhh that looks like so much fun! :)

Amy - Book Monster said...

There are so many things I want to say in response to this. (1) Congrats on being nerds during your honeymoon. I approve. It just means our friendship is meant to be. (2) HAHAHA. Cabana boy. (3) You stole the sashes. You go girl. I'm assuming you were a bit shnockered, which is why I like this so much. :]

Smeshdod said...

Hey what resort did you stay at? It looks so beautiful.