days off

One good thing about having these weird jobs and a husband still in school means that usually about once a week, we get a midweek day off together.

They're basically heaven on Earth.

Last Thursday was coffee to go, a field trip to Trader Joe's for the first time ever, Halloween costume making, and some mini-polaroid pictures.
This Thursday, it's been heart panacakes, mini panacakes [or tiny pans, as Ben calls them, as he makes that adorable face up there], and time to enjoy our coffee sitting at the kitchen table. We have some grown up, money shenanigans to deal with, but then we're going for a bike ride on this 75 degree day, and after a relaxing day, we'll probably end the night with a movie, cuddled on the couch.

Even with all that crap I was whining about yesterday, life is really so good. Especially on days off with this guy.


Baylee said...

That sounds awesome!

Mrs.B said...

what a lovely day off! I love and miss Trader Joe's.