when duty calls

With all of these Hurricane Sandy shenanigans, Ben got the call from his [Air Force] chief on Saturday, asking if he'd be willing and able to go to New York City to help with whatever they needed, depending on how hard they were hit.

He agreed, got a text late Sunday night that he needed to be on base Monday morning, so we got him ready and off he went.
 There are whole trunks of this stuff in our attic apparently, and they make camouflage everything these days. 
For example, there's the giant Eskimo coat in camouflage....
 And the nerdy camouflage bucket hat.
I was a little scared about being left alone to face the hurricane by my lonesome, but Ben rounded up about a thousand flashlights plus I know where he hides one of his giant hunting knives, so I'm all set. Don't you even worry. 
 And just for good measure, this is his "I'm going to fight Hurricane Sandy" face 
[or realistically, his "stop taking pictures of me at 7 in the morning" face].

So don't you worry, lower East Coast, Ben and his Air Force buddies are coming to save the day. Stay warm while you wait!


Betsy said...

THAT IS A GREAT FACE. if I ever needed to be rescued, I'd hope that that face would be there to help :)

Tarabelle said...

Tell him THANK YOU for all his help and service!


Messy said...

What a man! For going, and also for letting you take photos of him that early in the morning! Ha!


Katya said...

your flashlight picture is the best thing i've seen all day. and i'm so impressed that you weathered the storm all by yourself!

Treasure Tromp said...

what a great man!