rainy weekend

This was a different kind of weekend, as I was under the weather and didn't make it into work on Friday or Saturday night. I have to say, I didn't mind the weekend off. It was a nice change from the norm.

Friday night, my little sister had a sectionals volleyball game, so I rallied from leaving work early, went to cheer her on, and then Ben and I went to grab some grub afterwards.

The name of the game on Saturday was comfort. It was comfort food for breakfast, an excellent mail day with the giant comfy infinity scarf that the beautiful Amy knitted for me, and comfy fuzzy socks from Target that go all the way up to my knees. Some naps were interspersed in there, as well as cuddling on the couch, watching Moonrise Kingdom. All in all, a nice cozy day. 
And Sunday was more of the same. We went to church, stuffed ourselves with more panacakes after, jumped right into football and homework, and ended the night with some more SNL reruns. I crafted a little bit during football, making a little book of our wedding cards, and I put together an Etsy order that I got the night before.

I feel lame blogging about this weekend because I only left the house twice the whole time. 
But really, sometimes those are the best weekends.


Tarabelle said...

That looks like the most comfy infinity scarf ever. I want one!


Amy - Book Monster said...

YAY! I'm glad the scarf contributed to your comfort level. I wore mine around the house all weekend, while knitting, and found I actually complained it was TOO HOT in our house [everyone else was freezing]. Love knit.