wonderful weekend

This weekend was really so nice.
I know I say that almost every weekend, but this one was even better than normal, if you can believe that.

 Friday, I had to work all day: one job from 9 to 5, and the other from 6 to 10:30. It was a long day for sure, but I started it out right with a leftover biscuit from the morning before, some coffee, and a kiss goodbye from my Benjamin.
 Saturday, Ben left early in the morning for his Air Force drill weekend, so I had all that day and Sunday to do whatever I pleased. I chose to do a craft with our wedding cards, start Friday Night Lights [so many tears!], and put our wedding pictures on flash drives for our parents.
These babies right here are our favorite wedding cards of the bunch. Our friends are awesome, obviously.
Then it was time for a little run down a closed off road. This road is so pretty with the changing leaves, even if I did get chased by a fox on it one time.
I had to work again Saturday night, but I made a stop at Target beforehand to pick up the basics: printer paper, Halloween shapes mac & cheese, and hair dye. That place is such a madhouse on Saturday afternoons, but I put on my brave face and pushed little old ladies around to do my business.
[just kidding, I didn't actually assault any grandmas. promise.]
After work, I did the classy thing and ate some of that mac & cheese right out of the pot, drank some beer, and watched SNL reruns. It was fantastic.
And Sunday? Sunday was probably the best day of the bunch. I woke up to some birds chirping outside of my window [no seriously, I'm not making this stuff up], and I laid around in bed for a while. Once I worked up the motivation to do something with myself, I had a breakfast full of chocolate [the best kind of breakfast], cleaned and vacuumed the entire apartment, and rearranged our living room. I am woman, hear me roar.
I also whipped up some of these suckers for dessert at my Dad's later that night.
Once said delicious balls were all finished, I went for another run, got persuaded into buying popcorn by a shy little nerdy Boy Scout at my door, and then got ready to go to my Dad's for dinner and see Ben for the first time all weekend!
Dinner was delicious [thanks Wanda!], and we all had fun together, as usual. There's 6 of us kids, so when everyone is together, with significant others included, it's definitely a party. And aren't the grown ups so cute?
To wrap up the night, my little sister Jessa came over to dye my hair for me. I went darker and I think I like it, but once I style it and everything, we'll see how it really is. TBD.

and that's it! Benny and I ended the night with football [him], blogging [me], and some midnight snacks [the both of us]
God bless autumn weekends.


choosing{life} said...

weekends are the greatest. and then Mondays come to ruin all the fun.

The Egg said...

whoo hoo fall in NY!!

xo the egg out west.

Patty said...

Yessssss! God bless autumn weekends for sure :) cheers to being classy and eating out of pots!

Anonymous said...

I love wonderful weekends. Except they make Mondays really hard. Yours sounds like it was nothing short of lovely though!


Kelly said...

Mac and cheese out of the pot? Hands down the best part!

M. Flynn said...