little love letters

Today, like every other day, I'm in love with the world, so it's a day for little love letters:

Dear little sister,
 First of all, you kicked butt in your senior volleyball game last night. It's so crazy to me that my baby sister is finishing up her last season of high school volleyball, and so will end an era of sitting in stinky high school gyms, cheering "Go Hilton!". I'm so excited to see where you go to college and what you do with yourself in the future. You're so smart and capable of any damn thing you set your mind to, so don't sell yourself short. Go make a name for yourself. I'm proud of you, kid.

Dear apartment,
  It seems you have two temperature settings: A Thousand Degrees or The Arctic. Can we please just find middle ground? Going to bed sweating is no bueno, but neither is waking up with icicles on our noses.

Dear pencil skirt,
  You helped me rock my important interview yesterday afternoon and today, you're just accompanying me to my normal job, but that's important too. You make me feel skinny and classy and I like you.

Dear autumn,
  You're gorgeous. The drive to said interview yesterday was breathtaking with all of the changing leaves on the trees and blue skies and green grass. God really knew what He was doing when He made you. Thanks for being so darn pretty.

Dear Benny,
  You always get out of bed to close the closet door for me, you try to keep us afloat with this dumb budget we made, and you kiss my forehead every chance you get. Plus you're hot. You're the best roommate I could ever hope for and God knows how blessed I am that you decided to marry me too. I'm excited for our date day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

"Plus you're hot" <-- I lol'd

choosing{life} said...

Omg Jess is too old!!! Craziness.

What were you interviewing for??

Orchid Grey said...

To answer your question about the AA tights, i can't recommend the "Super Opaques" enough. i purchase the large/extra large size so they don't have to stretch as much. I still layer two pairs in the winter though, for extra warmth :)

Stephanie said...

Aw, these are pretty sweet letters. Congrats to your sister!

Wanderlust And Such said...

This is the sweetest post in the whole wide world. I love every bit of it.


Meg {henninglove} said...

oh yes i have lived in an apartment that only had two degrees as well super annoying!! glad i got out of there and married my husband because he had air conditioning ;-)

Catherine said...

This is a sweet post. I was a volleyball gym rat for a huge part of my life too, so I can totally relate. I'm liking your cute blog!

And congrats on the 3-month and 3-day wedding anniversary. ;)

Catherine (your newest follower)