weekend things

This weekend was, as always, lovely. But it was way too short! I always wish that Sundays could last forever, but I guess that's not gonna happen, so I'll just enjoy them while I can.

Saturday, Ben was gone again for the Air Force, so I had a relaxing day to myself. I woke up slowly, eating breakfast and listening to Fran's playlists on Spotify. Then there was Halloween costume making while I watched The Sweetest Thing on Netflix [so weird and scandalous, but funny], a pretty autumn run, speed cookie making while I got ready for work, work for 5 hours [Saturday night shifts are crazy at restaurants, man], and then a Halloween party!

Sunday was nice too, once we finally dragged ourselves out of bed. We watched football, did some homework on breaks in between, walked into town to get a pizza, watched more football, went for a run together [boys make everything more fun], and did more homework while we I ate a thousand of those cookies I made. It was nothing crazy, but it was life together and I loved it.


Soph said...

This is so sweet. :) I love it. The two of you together are adorable. When I read cute posts, I end up saying aww over and over again.

Mama Smith said...

All of the costumes are so much fun. Also, it's great that you love football. I really really can't stand it, I'm pretty sure it's the one thing my husband would change about me given the chance :)

Ana Filipa said...

hahahahah :D nice!
read us back http://lifestylenotesbyaf.blogspot.com/

Britt {Secondhand Magpie} said...

I see the peanut butter toast... now, have you made it epic and tried it with banana slices and washed it down with OJ? If not, you're missing out. Big time.

Just ran across your blog and will be looking for a post on epic PBB toast. :)

The Secondhand Magpie