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while i, as the new Mrs. Quigley, am away on my honeymoon and vacation and such, i asked a few of my favorite blogger friends if they'd fill in for me. they're here for a few weeks, talking about big changes in their lives, whether it be marriage related or not. enjoy! and girls, thanks again!

Yo! I'm Amy from Book Monster. Breaking away from my typical post, I thought I would share with you some great advice I received when I got married. Also, just a quick sidenote: WORK THAT AISLE WAY, JACKIE! And have an absolute blast on your wedding day. Back to business.
 I've gotten a lot of marriage advice throughout the four years that I've been married. There's something about being a newly wed that seems to scream, "Give me unsolicited advice! Because you know nothing about me! Or my husband!" Is it just me? I don't know.
Any ways, there was once--one time--where the advice actually resonated with me. I mean, it's the only advice I've remembered along the way. And no, that's not selective hearing/absorbing. Jackie, if this advice doesn't touch you, that's totally okay. After the first few weeks of your marriage, though, I want to hear the words that have spoken to you! Please.
Here it goes:
Only God knows your spouse best.
That might seem weird coming from a girl who grapples daily with the concept of God and religion and church. But there's something comforting about a bigger, more powerful, and kinder being than me knowing Aaron. Especially during the moments where I'm all, "What were you thinking?! Turning the heat up to 90 degrees is not smart!" [Yes, that did happen. All of the adhesive on our 3M hooks melted and I arrived home to a wall decor disaster.] Because love is great, but love is not perfect. Being married takes a lot of hard work, patience, and the ability to listen. Being married means sharing when you might want to bottle it up. Being married means maybe getting your feelings hurt [and making up afterwards. Yowza].
Marriage is also an amazing adventure. I would love to know what makes Aaron tick. Where does he get his adventurous spirit? How does he know to create the perfect bunch of flowers? And will our children get his positive, happy outlook on life? Because it's totally infectious. Even dogs, the happiest animals on the planet [I believe], are drawn to him. And yes, I did just compare Aaron to a dog whistle.
We can't wait to hear all about your wedding day, Jackie! And enjoy your honeymoon [as if you won't]!
Oh, & because I can't break away from my own self-initiated tradition, happy reading!

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