wedding diaries: my cop out post

guys, our wedding is a week from tomorrow. 
if you've ever gotten married before, you know what a crazy time this is, and even if you haven't had a wedding, maybe you've heard.
that's why i'm hoping you'll all forgive me for a little cop-out post of wedding inspiration.
these are either wedding videos, wedding posts, or advice about weddings/marriage that i've found and loved. hopefully you love them too.

Jon & Nina Hans Sunrise Wedding from Nina Hans on Vimeo. found here.

pretty weddings:
a pretty outdoor wedding with a barn reception and her momma's dress
a handmade wedding in the woods
a gorgeous magical outdoor wedding
and just the prettiest dang farm wedding i have ever seen

sane advice on marriage:
Wedding Graduates: Christy and Duncan
Team Slow and Unsteady
Wedding Undergraduates: What's It All For?

if you can't tell what kind of weddings tug on my heart strings yet, you're obviously not a very good detective. I LOVE OUTDOOR WEDDINGS.
now i'm off to do an anti-rain dance and hope that our guests slather themselves in sunscreen so nobody gets 3rd degree burns during our ceremony.

p.s. i'm planning on writing our love story to post in parts next week, since it is wedding week, after all. and then while i'm gone on our awesome honeymoon and family vacation afterwards, i have a whole bunch of blog friends guest posting for me on big changes in their lives: things they've learned since college, things they've experienced in marriage, all that kinda thing. you should be excited.


Amanda Schroeder said...

Darling! Are you FREAKING out? I remember that week before I got married....absolutely nuts. I can't wait to hear all about it and see all these pictures!


Thanks for the video by the way...i digg for sure.

we & serendipity

Anonymous said...

i'm dying over here over all of the beautiful outdoor weddings. for real. and i think you're making my boyfriend hate me for never shutting up about getting married. ;)


McKinzie Bean said...

Oh girl I feel for you. I just got married 4 months ago and the last bit is tough! Stay strong. I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful! Can't wait to see the pictures!
xoxo Kinzie

Ariel Tyler said...


Patty said...

Ahh!! One week!! That's so exciting!! Are you going on a honeymoon after?

And I love the wedding binge website! So cute! I look at stuff like this all the time. Style Me Pretty is like my crack :)