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Hello there! I'm Jess from peacelovebird, and I am so excited to share with you today.
I also am engaged and have been working on massive amounts of DIY projects for our wedding and blog so I was thrilled when Jackie asked me to share something over on Sweet and Wild with you all:)
In honor of the new Mr and Mrs Quigley (ek ek!) off on their honeymoon I figured I would share a DIY inspired by just that!

This is a super easy DIY that takes no time at all but will help your lugguage feel a little more personalized and of course, safe.
You need this stuff:
1. scrap fabric 2. scissors 3. glue (tacky glue or hot glue is fine) 4. cardstock 5. ID tag cases 6.ribbon

1. cut a piece of cardstock just big enough to fit into the tag holder, write your contact info on it and slide it in and cut off the end.

2. cut a second piece of cardstock. this piece will be the actual luggage "tag" so you can make it as big or small as you please just be your id case can fit on it. then cut a piece of fabric double the size you chose for the tag so it can fit all the way around the cardstock. tip: I always cut fabric slightly longer you can always cut extra off but cannot add more if its too short.

3. place cardstock on the top half of the fabric (wrong side), run a line of glue along the edge then fold fabric over.
4. cut ribbon as long as you like to tie onto your luggage, I did mine a little longer so I could double knot it. I also used ribbed ribbon instead of satin seeing that satin can tend to fall out of place.

5. glue the ends of the ribbon inside onto the cardstock, fold over the other half of the fabric over tucking in the edges.

6. Glue name info to the front, let dry and enjoy! There you have it! a super stylish luggage tag to use on all your upcoming adventures!

Congratulations to Ben and Jackie, wishing you so much happiness and love! And thanks again to Jackie for letting me visit for the day here on Sweet and Wild. Feel free to stop by my blog and check out any of my other Le Wedding crafts:)
xoxo j

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