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while i, as the new Mrs. Quigley, am away on my honeymoon and vacation and such, i asked a few of my favorite blogger friends if they'd fill in for me. they're here for a few weeks, talking about big changes in their lives, whether it be marriage related or not. enjoy! and girls, thanks again!

Hello! I'm Megan and I blog at Freckled Italian.

If you went back in time and told the seventeen year-old me that I would go to college and fall in love with a six-foot-seven man who I would meet the Halloween of my junior year, then move around for two years after school, get a master's degree, share a shitty old apartment with this aforementioned very tall boy, and eventually end up back in my parents' house right before I turn twenty-four years old, I would have told you to get right on out of town.

But that's what happened.

I was always a planner. I was going to graduate from high school, go to college, and work with my parents as a young business owner/entrepreneur. That sort of happened, but it didn't exactly. I decided to get a master's degree while I worked for my parents for a year, and then he graduated from college and he decided to get a master's degree, and so I quit my job and we decided to move to a new city together for a year. I never thought I would be someone who moved for some guy, but it was already very apparent that he was not just some guy, but the guy. Those are the sorts of things you learn when you meet the man of your dreams.

There have been so many times over the past two years--and I know there will be more of them in the ones coming up--where I get discouraged with this sort of in-between time, where I sometimes don't know where my home is. Sometimes my future seems so uncertain that I want to freak out about it. Plans change, grad school applications are accepted, U-Haul trucks are rented, someone gets offered an awesome job in a completely different city than the other's awesome job, and I forget how to take a deep breath. 

But then I am reminded that life doesn't all have to happen tomorrow. I re-realize just how lucky I am for the simple, but incredibly valuable things in life. For the roof over my head, and the food that is so frequently in front of me, and for the love of the most wonderful, smart, and supportive person that I have ever met.

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