i'm back, married and awesome.

hi friends! 
it's really me here, writing this post just moments before it's going to be published. it has been a crazy past 3 weeks, and as much as i loved it, i'm so glad to be settling down again. 

since i scheduled so many posts for before the actual wedding and then while i was gone, there is so much to catch you guys up on. the week of the wedding was crazypants [as expected], then we got MARRIED [which was seriously the best 8 hours of my life], then we went to Punta Cana for 10 days on our honeymoon [which kicked ass], then we came home and went to Bible Camp with my family for 5 days [i love family traditions], and then we moved into our new [first] apartment. and we're still moving. [who knew we had so much stuff?!]

my husband [!] is out seeing a movie with his sister and brother-in-law while they're still in town, and i opted to stay home and catch up with the couch. this is the first time i've sat in days and the first time i've had to myself since even before the wedding i think. i'm stealing internet from our neighbor's unprotected wireless network [thank you for that, neighbors] and thought that even though there are literally a hundred things for me to be doing right now, i'd give you a little picture overview of my life the past month:
i ran my first 5k on July 4! my sweet Benny ran it with me too
on Jessa's birthday, us siblings went fishing/sunbathing. guess which i did? 
mom and i went for a little bike ride a few days before the wedding.
sometimes when there's too much to do, i do something else entirely. 
hence midnight baking 2 nights before the wedding. 
i didn't get my wedding dress until Wednesday of wedding week. i'm not a girl who stresses, but that's still something i would not recommend. 
my bachelorette party was intense. as it should be. 
i let my bridesmaids pick their own dress in any shade of coral & they turned out PERFECTLY.
then we got married. the best day ev.er.
honeymooning was so much fun. 
and b-e-a-utiful.  
the morning after we got home, we roadtripped down to meet my family at camp. 
we had a lot of fun together, as always.
this was the day we got the keys to our first place! [hence the happy faces].
we got the couch stuck in the doorway and put a hole in the wall, so we decided to sit on the porch and drink beer while we waited for help to come.
goodnight from our first night in our first place :) 
and then we took full advantage of the fact that Target gives a discount on the stuff that was on our registry that we didn't get. praise the Lord for wedding gift money!

so that's life right now. i'm still sitting among boxes and boxes as far as the eye can see, but we're making progress. tomorrow is more unpacking and hanging out with my brother and sister in law before they leave [so weird that i have those now!], and then Wednesday i start work again.
thanks for sticking around through my absence the past month [although i think it's so bizarre that you guys don't like guest bloggers! duly noted.] and thanks for your patience with me as we get settled and i figure things out as a new wife. i'll be back with more as soon as i can!

-mrs. jackie quigley :)


Bohemian Beautiful said...

hurray! have been waiting for your update! :) i'm glad you had such a good time, have fun moving and nesting and unpacking and decorating, enjoy it!! I can't wait to see more wedding pictures, you look BEAUTIFUL(!) and he looks very dapper in his grey suit :)

Amanda Schroeder said...

MRS. QUIGLEY! IT's probably weird saying that, huh? Congratulations! That picture of you guys on your wedding day is priceless. MY favorite. So excited for you and to hear about all of your new {married} experiences. Whew Hewww!

Amanda @ we & serendipity

Lisa said...


Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

congratulations! this is so exciting - cant wait to see pictures of the wedding :) :)


Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

congratulations! this is so exciting - cant wait to see pictures of the wedding :) :)


M. Flynn said...

Yayyy so glad you're back! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

So glad to have you back!! I've waited patiently ;) I can't wait to see all of the wedding pictures! Annnd I may have giggled a little at the part about getting the couch stuck and putting a hole in the wall. No better solution than to drink beer. Naturally.


Samantha Shepherd said...

Wow, what a crazy wonderful whirlwind of a time! Your dress is gorgeous...I ADORE wedding dresses with sleeves. :)

nancygrayce said...

I've just started reading your blog....so congratulations on a wonderful wedding and honeymoon!

Ariel Tyler said...

I'm a couple days late, but YAY! I'm glad you're so happy and are enjoying all of the exciting changes in your life!