love story: and now [part six]

during the crazy that is wedding week, i thought i'd share the story of how Ben and i met and fell in love. our love story, if you will.
these are scheduled posts because i'm not crazy enough to try to blog and get married at the same time.
don't you worry.
if you'd like to follow along with wedding week in real life time, as it happens, i'll be  the bride tweeting and instagram-ing away at @wildchild_jack.
[you can find the beginning parts of our love story here].
happy reading!

the past six months of being engaged have been heaven on earth. we've had so much fun and fallen even more in love as we've planned this big day to promise our lives to each other in front of our friends and family, and then celebrate with them afterwards. it's been stressful and emotional, but that's what it took. we've already been building a family through all of this, with all of those swear words and those tears, and today that little newborn family is becoming official.

right now, as this post is being published, i should be all set to walk through the big doors that Ben made and right down the aisle with my Dad. Ben will be standing at the end, looking so handsome in his suit, and i will have flowers in my hair and no shoes on my feet, feeling more like myself than i ever have. Ben's dad will call up all of our parents and pray to start the ceremony, and then Ben and i will take it from there, exchanging the vows that we've written ourselves. we'll promise to put each other first, even when all we want to do is to be selfish, and we'll promise to revel in the good times and soak up life as it's happening. we'll promise to spend our lives together and share our lives together, no matter what. we'll promise to love each other when it's easy and to choose to love each other when it's hard. 

this is the part that the whole day is about. the party later will be fun [i can assure you, it will be the biggest blast of the year], but people really secretly come for this part of the day. there's something so sacred and so magical about two people making such big promises to each other and that's exactly what we're doing.

so on this day, at this time, after all of the ups and downs that are in our love story, i'm becoming Mrs. Jaclyn Quigley. that, my friends, is something worth writing about.


Brooke said...

This is such the sweetest post. It really does sound a lot like true love between you two :) And congrats!

Anonymous said...

....i just finished reading the rest of your posts...and i think i just cried a little. congrats again and i can't wait to see pictures!


Niken said...

congratulations for you two!!!

Erinn said...

congratulations! I hope they day went just beautifully for you :)
New follower and happy to have found you in the midst of wedding posts! I've been married for almost 2 years but I love reading about people's weddings, love stories and all things love <3
- It's the Journey

Janna Lynn said...

I love love loved reading your love story. So well written and you can really see God's hand at work through the whole journey leading you right where you were meant to be :-)