a labor of love

life lately has been all about making things for the wedding. we're doing it partially to save money, but also so that our wedding is us. and we like it! so this is what life has looked like the past few months, but especially these last two weeks:
our old projects: the direction sign and the trellis for the end of the aisle
the ongoing table runner project and SUPER helpful mom and sister.
there was a late night of hot gluing popsicle sticks to cut-out hearts for fans, since our wedding is outside at 4 pm, in July. we'd rather not have anyone pass out.
me and the paper section of Michael's have become bff's these past few months. 
i made bunting of this adorable Avett Brother's line. it will go in the lodge to decorate where the food will be, and then on our living room wall when we finally move into our new apartment.
Ben and i sat on the couch, watching How I Met Your Mother and punching out like a thousand of these little paper hearts to write guests' names on. this way, people can keep track of their jar if they set it down to play yard games or dance or whatever.
and yesterday, Jessa happily painted this giant tree on a canvas so people can "leaf" their thumbprint on it and we can use it as our guestbook and hang it in our apartment as well.

this whole process has been a lot of work on all of our parts, but i'm beyond thankful for Ben, Mom, Jess, and everyone else who has helped make my dreams a reality in this crafty way. everything is coming together and i am so darn excited.


Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE!! Handmade is the best way to go. I'm really excited for your wedding!I think we already determined that I think that's weird but you said it's not, so I'm just going to keep saying that. Because I really am excited to see pictures of it ;) You'll have to post a bunch to instagram since you won't be able to blog for a while after your wedding!


Shweta Patil said...

This is so cute! Loved all of the ideas, specially "I'm yours and that's it forever." :')
You are taking so much efforts, everything is going to be super lovely. :D

Amanda Schroeder said...

Ahh weddings...soo much work...soo little time {usually} but sooo worth it. I am excited for pictures! YAY!

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