my summer list

i know that everyone and their mother has been posting their summer to-do lists lately, but you guys know that i've really been trying to get out there and enjoy our first summer together in a few years, so i decided to make one too.

in no particular order:
1. .
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go on all the bike rides: i love my bike. and my neighborhood is perfect for biking. plus, i feel like i'm flying when i ride my bike, so obviously i need more of that in my life.
2. Baseball
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go see at least one Red Wings game: the Red Wings are the minor league baseball team here in Rochester and the tickets are so cheap. secretly, i just love the sounds of baseball and it's the one game that i totally understand. plus, we all know Dippin Dots are the real reason every girl goes.
3. red maxi skirt
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rock a maxi skirt: i finally found a maxi skirt that i think i love, but i can't find anything to wear it with! so i need to work on that. run run!
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run my first 5k: today is actually the day! i've been training since i moved back home after school and at 9 this morning, i'm running my first race ever. i've mentioned it before, but i used to HATE running, and now i look forward to my run everyday. it's a change that i'm glad i made.
5. Fireworks
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watch some fireworks: i happen to think that fireworks are one of the most romantic things around, but Ben and i have never gone to see any together! the first summer we were together, we did our own things for the 4th and since then, he hasn't been around. so tonight, we're going to go downtown to the firework show above High Falls and watch those pretty things. i'm so excited. theater
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go to the drive-in theatre: drive-in's are so much fun! watching a movie outside! bringing your own food! cuddling up when it gets cold! my whole family has plans to go this Friday night for Jessa's birthday, so that's gonna be awesome. we just have to hope for no rain.
7.Picnic! Picnic! Picnic! Yay!
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go for picnics: summer is made for picnics. and i happened to get an adorable basket at my bridal shower! so Ben and i have a whole date day planned for tomorrow to get some fun wedding errands done and then go to a park, have a picnic lunch, and write our vows. it's going to be such a good day.
8.magical ceremony setup with hundreds of wisteria flowers!
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get married: in case you hadn't heard, we have plans to do this as well. July 13 is going to be such a beautiful summer day [we're hoping], and we're going to have the prettiest, most fun wedding i've ever gotten married in. it's going to be awesome. this automatically makes it the best summer ever, even if none of the other things get done.

what are you guys hoping to do this summer? what fun summer things have you already done? i wanna know! [and maybe steal them for my list too :) ]


Amanda Schroeder said...

July 13th? Um..coming right up. And so DANG exciting. You can totally rock that maxi skirt. I just wear a plain shirt with mine and put a fancy necklace...or scarf with it.

My summer plans...hmm...just go to the beach errry day. (:

we & serendipity

this hive. said...

hey there!! newest follower to your amazingly sweet blog! i love it! congrats on what im sure will be a perfect wedding... cant wait to hear more about it!!

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh...congrats on your first race!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!


Treasure Tromp said...

these are all such wonderful things to do this summer. if I could I would spend all my time riding bikes, having picnics and watching fireworks too

Whitney said...

Great summer list! Love the blog.