autumn in New York

New York City has my heart. I went for the first time with Ben about 6 months into dating, at Christmas time, and last year when I went with my senior class at the beginning of January, Ben showed up to surprise me and proposed. so, when the idea came up to get away for a weekend and head down to the city, I jumped at the chance.

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we're going the first weekend in October with a few of our college guys, and I am beyond excited. as much as the boys will want to just sit around and drink [which, believe me, I have no problem with], I also want to see the city! the timing is perfect, as it's going to be obvious that it's fall, with the crisp air and changing leaves, but it won't be too chilly or too gray yet [hopefully]

with the help of Joanna's NYC Guide, I've been making a list of things I'd love to do while we're there. cross your fingers that I can convince the boys to follow my lead.

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1. the Hudson River sunset cruise is my birthday wish. yeah, my birthday isn't until November, and yeah, tickets are $80 each [Ben wants to know if they hand you a chunk of gold when you get on the ship], but it just seems so perfect. I figure we can drop the boys off at some bar and make this an outing for just Ben and I. we can pick up some pizza to enjoy on the ship with our complimentary drinks, and we'll make a date evening out of the whole thing.

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2. from May to October every year, the Met has a rooftop exhibit. you can check out the art, enjoy a cold beverage, and look out over Central Park. a few of the guys in our group are total artsy fartsies, and I'm a sucker for anything Central Park, so this is a perfect compromise.

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3. The High Line is a park on Manhattan's West Side that's built on the historic freight rail lines. it's different and beautiful [and free] and seems like the perfect place for a picnic lunch.

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4. and yes, I want to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. I've heard that going from Brooklyn to Manhattan is the prettier route, and we're thinking of staying in Brooklyn at least one night, so hopefully I can convince the boys to walk in in the morning, maybe with a bagel and some coffee in hand.

that's all I have right now! we're only going to be in the actual city for maybe 36 hours, so we can't get too crazy, but if you have any favorite things to do in New York, I'd love to hear them! I'll just be over here counting down the days and planning my outfits. if there's any time to make sure you look good, a trip to New York is that time.


Anonymous said...

I am totally not a "big city" type of girl by any means, but you won me over with the sunset cruise and park built on the historic rail lines. so. cool.

Soph said...

Aw! This post is so sweet and so cute and I'm really glad you shared that. My family and I were thinking of taking a New York trip this winter, and the rooftop exhibit looks amazing. Do they have it available during the winter months? Because if they do, i so want to go! Do you have any suggestions of where to stay in New York and what things to do?

Alyssa said...

Pizza!!! Eat lots of pizza... from what I have learned moving from NJ to the south is that pizza is different. Honestly, I think it's the ingredients haha.. so yes. pizza. I recommend Bella Vita ( but I am sure you can find a bunch of amazing pizza joints.

SarahJane Miller said...

This sounds like so much fun! I have always wanted to go to NYC. One day, I hope. Have fun!! I can't wait to see photos.

Erin Marie said...

that sunset cruise sounds absolutely magical. do it!! and tell ben that it's your birthday and you can do what you want. just kidding, don't do that. being sweet always works. :)

alongobucco said...

What a sweet connection you have to NYC! Joanna's guide is great--I moved to NYC a few months ago and I've since tried a lot of the things on her list. Definitely make time for the High Line. It's so beautiful!

The Glossy Life

Jessica said...

you really can't beat new york for that city feel!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm more of a small town girl but I can't deny how gorgeous these pictures are.

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, now I'm craving a trip to NYC. I used to go at least once a year and October was always my fave time to visit. The leaves were still greener than I expected but maybe it'll be different this year. And definitely check out the High Line. I went back in March when things were just starting to bloom for spring and it was so cool.

Also, if you're looking for a sweet treat, Rice to Riches is my fave spot for dessert. It's right near Soho and Little Italy so you could make an afternoon of it if you wanted.

Ariel Tyler Henley said...

ahh! New York is just the greatest!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Enjoy your trip! If you can talk the boys into splurging on a steak dinner, you have to go to Le Relais De Venise L'Entrecote. It's kind of amazing. All they serve is steak and fries because it is that amazing. And the best part? Once you have finished eating this amazing meal and are perfectly content...they bring out a second portion of it. Yum!