our wedding: cocktail hour

so we got ready, we got married, and then it was time for the fun to begin!

again, all photos are by the wonderful Brette-Ashley Schmitt.
in case the guests couldn't see where everything was in the wide open park...
these straws are my fave and we still have some leftover to use at our apartment, which I love.
I personally stuck with Love Potion #9's that night.
my wonderful Momma made all of these table runners for us, and they made the tables look just perfect.
the Avett Brothers have my heart, and now this is hanging on our bedroom wall. and I love it.
people loved this, and I love it hanging on our living room wall.
Gram and Gramp played some corn hole to get into the festivities.

this is all of our family, both sides. I will treasure this picture forever.
it was 94 degrees that day, so my stepsisters came to the rescue and fanned me off.
handsome groomsman with my favorite in the middle.
oh, boys.
yes, we had a giant bridal party.
and they looked awesome.
love these boys.
then we unleashed the bridal party on cocktail hour and went to get some pictures of just us, which I love love love.
I felt like we were in the Little Mermaid.

picture time was long and hot, due to our giant families, giant bridal party, and the humid July day, but we made the most of it and had a lot of fun. and while we did all of this, the guests were up at the tent and lodge, getting their drink on, playing yard games. so really, it was a win win for everyone involved.

tomorrow, the reception! I'd say that that part was my favorite, but really, I think I love every part the best.


Alissa said...

I will be the firs to admit that I tend to glaze over when someone talks about a wedding, but I truly enjoy reading about yours! It looks like it was so much fun.

Playing corn hole? Love Potion #9? That's my kind of wedding :)

Janna Lynn said...

Still LOVING all the pics! That family heart is amazing. Love the boat ones, love the centerpieces and the decor. I seriously love it all! Maybe 'cause what I see in my head for mine is similar? That could be it...

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

Oh. my. goodness. I love pretty much EVERYTHING about your wedding! The signs? Gorgeous! The runners? Love it! And I cannot get over how much I adore the pictures of the two of you in the boat. What sweet pictures to remember your wedding by!


Shannon said...

How cute! I love the boat w/the Just Married sign. Totally beautiful wedding. Love every detail.


The Management said...

wow, just, wow.

my favourites are the family heart picture and the boat ones! they are just like the little mermaid!

Betsey said...

Wow! Jackie - GORGEOUS wedding!!! Seriously - couldn't think of anything to add that would have made it more beautiful! I especially love the wildflowers for your center pieces, and the shots of you and your hubby in the boat - adorable!

Betsy said...

looks like you guys had SO MUCH FUN! love that - it's ideal :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Every last detail is just lovely. We're planning on having a wedding tree guest book, I think they're beautiful =) x

Eau de Violet said...

Such cute pictures. Congratulations to you both.
Eau de Violet

I'm Sydney. said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! The joy is written all over your face!

Jessie Severt said...

Aaww… That shot of you two kissing under the bright sky is just so superb. It truly captures the moment, and the love, you two share. : ) It does go to show that talented photographers are needed to capture wonderful wedding days. Congratulations!

Jessie Severt

M. Flynn said...

Somehow I totally missed this post and I love all of these photos!!!