wake me up when September ends

this post title actually is false advertising because I'm loving September so far. granted, we're only 6 days in, but it's been a great 6 days. and it's only looking up from here. this is why:

1) Mumford & Sons have a new album coming out on the 24th. I've mentioned it before, but I love these guys. I'm excited to see what they've come up with this time.

2) also on the 24th is the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother! Ben and I are hosting a premiere party at our apartment and I am pumped. that Monday is going to be the best Monday ever.

3) this autumn means dying my hair! this is an incredibly lame thing to be excited about, but I'm ready for change. the bangs thing didn't work the way I'd hoped, so once the cooler weather comes, my light summery hair goes. I'm thinking of going dark like Megan Foxy Fox up there.

4) it's football season! I don't really care about the actual sport, but football season means football parties and going out to bars and lazy Sundays on the couch while Ben watches and I play around on my computer. so that's going to be fun. also, Ben is a tried and true Giants fan and I happen to think that they all have cool names. I mean, Hakeem Nicks and Osi Umenyiora? that's awesome.

5) starting today, I'm trying a diet of no dairy for a month. that means no cheese, none of my beloved queso, no delicious ice cream, and no milk. I'm not excited about it, but I am. lately, I've been feeling so blah and my skin has been going crazy, and I think that maybe dairy is to blame. so here's to trying new things and self control. we'll see how this one goes. 

6) last but not least, when the time finally comes to accept the cooler weather and put away my sundresses, I will be dressed like this all the time. the cute boots and sweaters and scarves are calling my name and at the end of the month, I will finally answer them.

see, September is going to be awesome! 
are you guys excited for it or mourning the loss of summer a little bit too?
if we could just skip winter, I think I'd embrace autumn with open arms, but for now, I'm going to go play outside in my barefeet while I still can.


Chelsea Coleen said...

this post seriously got me so excited for fall. and i had noooo idea about the season premiere of HIMYM. mainly because i always watch reruns on tv - i can not wait!

choosing{life} said...

HIMYM!!! omg I'm so excited. Have you made it to the end of season 7 yet? It's crazy!!

Alexis said...

September is full of so much awesomeness! I've been soo excited for Mumford and Sons new album AND HIMYM! Actually, I'm excited for a lot of shows that are starting up :). Have a fun day!

The Management said...

You and I are looking forward to a lot of the same things! HIMYM, for sure... and the hair changing- hell yeah. I can't WAIT to get mine done.

Hena Tayeb said...

Can't wait to bring out the cute fall clothes.. and HIMYM!!!

Erin Marie said...

ah yes, the fall. i'm not sure i'm ready yet but today i woke up and the house was chilly. and i kinda liked it. does that count?
and go you for not eating any dairy. that's a nearly impossible feat for me so i'm officially impressed.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is...Mumford & Sons. Bring it on.

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

mumford and sons....yessss!!!!

Kristin said...

Sounds like a fabulous September to me Jackie! I'm so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours today :-). So sorry to hear about the dairy thing...I'm lactose intolerant and it did make a HUGE difference in my energy level once I went dairy free. I am thankful, though, that I can still do yogurt and most cheese without issue. Everyone has difference tolerance levels though.- I hope the journey brings good results for you! - Oh, and I must say too, that I am beyond excited to get back into fall fashion! I adore boots, and scarves, and cardis! Bring it on :-). Happy Friday my new friend!

Alissa said...

1) I cannot wait for the Mumford album. I might take the day off from work so I can do nothing but listen to it until I know every word.

2) I always watch re-runs of this show. I tend to stick to Bravo when it comes to television. It's an addiction.

3) My fall/birthday haircut is planned for Sept. 20th. I'm ready for change as well.

4) I love the Manning brothers, so the Giants and now the Broncos are my teams.

5) I will eat enough cheese for the both of us.

6) I was caught with my face in my hoodies/sweaters/scarves, giving them a good sniff. I cannot wait to start wearing them.

7) I found you through the Coast to Coast map. I live just North of Albany. Glad to have found a fellow New Yorker!

Rachel said...

Hurray for the darker hair color! And not eating dairy won't be fun, but if it's better for your health, what can you do? It will definitely stretch your creativity, that's for sure!

Sapir said...

It's been so hot out in my neck of the woods that I don't think I have ever been SO excited for fall to come! I am so excited for Mumford & Sons and How I Met Your Mother!! Fall always seems to bring a sense of change and a new beginning - I can't wait!
I'm thrilled to be your newest follower and would love it if you could return the follow if you get the chance and wish to :)

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon said...

Love the hair color! I always want to go darker in the fall as well. Also, FOOTBALL!!!!

Found you via Aunie Sauce Friday Link Up.