friday faves [part 3]

this is one of my favorite pictures of Ben ever.
[by Brette-Ashley, again]
happy Friday friends! 
this week has been a good one. busy, but good! I started my second job [hostessing at chain restaurant with one of my friends], I had online grad school orientation, and we had company over for dinner & dessert two nights this week. we're slowly getting into a groove with this married thing and we're both loving it.

even though there's usually no rhyme or reason to my Friday Faves, I decided to stick with the theme of love for this week. here are my favorite lovey links from around the web:

Meg is always a beautiful writer and she nailed it with this post on saying yes. and yes. and yes again.

- this How-To article is hilarious and holds so much truth.

- the photographs for that wedding I bartended at the beginning of September are up. their theme was Love Wins, and really, what more could you ask for?
- Amy found this letter from President Ronald Reagan and that man has a way with words.
- I love the lyrics that are on this print.
- as for love in the form of shopping, I'm giving away credit to my Etsy shop and your choice of an infinity scarf from One for One Creations over here today [starting at 7 am PST]!
that's all, folks! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

*andddd if you're stopping by from Along Abbey Road, welcome welcome welcome! if you're in the mood to stalk, or just want to know more about the girl behind the blog, check out my welcome post, my about me page, and/or our love story. happy reading!


Millie said...

You wedding is so so so beautiful!I loved each and every one of these pictures. And so much fun too!Gorgeous!

Sarah Grace said...

i loved this post! great favs!

happy friday friend!!

xoxo, sarah grace

Kristin said...

Sounds like you've had a great week Jackie! Hope you enjoy some R&R over the weekend :-)

Kimberly Bonham said...

Great post!
New follower.
Follow me back via GFC?

Chelsea Coleen said...

Really excited to read that post by meg! Yay love little recommendations

Also – on the topic of marriage/wedding, I was doing a little thinking about YOU and benny this morning on my drive to work. I mean, doesn’t everyone? Probably. Anyways, I was thinking about yalls wedding and how it was much more laid back and creative and different then stuff I have seen before. It was beautiful and unique and had so much CHARACTER. and dancing in the rain. I mean how many brides would do that! before, I probably wouldn’t. because I would be worried about pictures etc, but that whole mindset is inspiring you know? to LIVE in the moment, not over think it. because after all, yall didn’t, and im pretty much in love with all the pictures! Xoxox ps it rained on my parents wedding day and they will be celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary this October 

Melissa Blake said...

I love the advice from true!

andrea brionne said...

came from Along Abbey road! i love your etsy shop!

andrea brionne

Estilo Hedónico said...

Amazing!!!!! :)
Would you like to follow each other?!! :)