welcome to the jungle

hi everyone!
there are some new faces in this crowd thanks to my overspending on ad spots this month [whoops], so I figured I'd take a minute to introduce myself and welcome all of you new kids to the block.

I'm Jackie, a recent college grad [see above], newlywed, and most importantly, queso lover. here are some fun facts about me in bullet form, because everyone knows that bullets are easier to read:

- chocolate, cheese, and alcohol are the perfect problem solvers in my book. nothing can't be fixed with one of these 3 things. [except my expanding waistline, that is].

- I just got married to my hottie husband, Ben, on July 13. this is a fun fact because a) weddings are awesome, b) being married is even more awesome, and c) Ben was my 13th boyfriend. I guess just like Taylor Swift, 13 is my lucky number. unlike Taylor Swift, however, I don't have to say that we are never ever ever getting back together, because we're married. so obviously, we're [back] together.

- I hate the smell of hot water. HATE it. if you're wondering what exactly hot water smells like, it's what happens when you first turn on the shower to hot, or what the tea kettle smells like when you open it right after boiling water. yeah, that. gross.

- lists and planners are my bff's. I write everything down partly so I can remember it and partly because I just like to. there are more to-do lists and random thoughts written down around our apartment than I can keep track of.

- summer is my time to shine. it's my favorite season ever and I'm so sad that it's almost over. I love throwing on a sundress and running around with no shoes on. I love playing in the sun, or laying in the sun with a good book. I love going out for ice cream, going to the beach, and going on walks on long summer nights. and don't even get me started on s'mores. autumn is great, sure, but summer will always have my heart.

- I love to craft. mostly, I just play with paper, making poems and quotes to put up on my walls, but I've started getting into a cool kind of scrapbooking [read: not what your mom does]. I also make cards and just opened up an Etsy shop full of them!

that's all for now, folks! if you'd like to know more, feel free to visit my about me page. and our full love story is here, for you romantic types. I'm glad you're all here and I'd love it if you introduced yourself in the comments. Hope you stick around for a while!


modern Suburbanites said...

saw you featured on along abbey road. following you now. such a cute blog you have! :)


Syd said...

Queso is seriously The Best food invention EVER. So glad to find another enthusiast!

Looking forward to following your cute blog.


Sally O'Gorman said...

Cute post! Now following :)
would love you to take a look at my own blog



Ashley Eliza said...

im a list/planner bff as well.. and thats why we should be friends. i am loving your blog :)


bonbon said...

love that you hate the smell of hot water. So random and funny and helps us get to know you better. Congrats on your recent wedding! It just gets better and better! Just found your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)

Amy - Book Monster said...

It should also be noted that you're weird and enjoy the smell of vinegar. I know. I remembered that fun fact. ...maybe I'm weird...

blue roses said...

congratulations on your marriage, must have been exciting!


Julia said...

Summer is my favorite season too..fall is a close second. I could pass on winter. congrats on getting married!!