friday faves [part 5]

Happy Friday, folks!
This has been a really nice week. Relaxing, productive in a fun way, and just what I needed. 

Ben's birthday was a success yesterday, filled with birthday bacon, movie watching, and a Giants t-shirt. He's low maintenance when it comes to birthdays, so a lazy day was right up his alley. He says thank you for all of your awesome birthday wishes too, by the way.

We have a date night scheduled for tonight, with more birthday celebrations. I'm wearing my fancy new dress, and we have wedding gift cards, so I'm already calling it a good night. Saturday is my mom's birthday, so we're going home to spend time with her [and do laundry], and then all of us kids are taking her out to dinner. After dinner, we have Ben's birthday party planned and with the theme of Cowboys & Indians, how could it not be good?! Sunday should be a lazy day, full of football and homework [on Ben's part], so I am just as excited for this weekend as I could be.

Here are some cool links to keep you company over next few beautiful days:

- I caved and bought this scarf earlier this week. It's pretty and comfy and just so perfect for fall! 

- This website for a restaurant in Boston is so cool that I want to visit just because of that. That's some good marketing right there.

- Allie wrote a post with some good tips for making blog friends earlier this week. The main one? Attach your e-mail address to your Blogger profile! It drives me CRAZY when you don't.

- In our budget, Ben and I gave ourselves some money each month to have fun with and buy whatever we want without having to ask each other. I already spent a good chunk of mine for October on these pretty babies.

- This looks chocolate-y and delicious and just what I want to drink after a long shift at work. Well, maybe not the first thing I want to drink, but you know.

- And, as always, my favorite What Should We Call Me's from the week: this and [not safe for work or anyone who doesn't like swearing] this

I hope you guys have a wonderful wonderful weekend. See you Monday!


Mindy said...

Sounds like you have a great little weekend planned! Enjoy :-)

P.S. Now I'm really curious to watch the "Not safe for work" video..but I'm at work. boo

Kim said...

Umm the Island Creek Oyster Bar site is totally amazing! If you come to Boston to try it, let me know and I will meet you there!

(PS: I am a sucker for good marketing like that too, it's shameful really.)

SarahJane Miller said...

Sounds like a fabulous birthday! And that restaurant website is awesome!

Consider The Lilies said...

i love that little corner piece in your kitchen nook :D

glad the birthday was a success!

Sam | ashore said...


Isn't the Island Creek Oyster Bar website the cutest? I definitely went there last week just because I like it so much. and let me tell you - everything in real life was just as stylish. All of the menus were impeccably well designed, and they even had letterpress coasters (which may or may not have gone home with me).

and thanks for sharing the tip from Allie about the e-mail address. Gosh, that's such a simple practical thing that I hadn't even thought of!


Ariel Tyler Henley said...

1) Your kitchen is adorable. 2) That happy birthday banner is so cute. 3) whatshouldwecallme is my favorite ever. seriously. those posts are my life. 4) love the scarf you bought on etsy 5) have a great time with all of the birthday festivities!