my birthday boy

by BA

to the boy who unexpectedly stole my heart on May 14, 2009,

    the boy with the dance moves that inspire crowds everywhere,
    the boy that takes my sass and fixes it all with a big hug and a few forehead kisses,

    the boy who I can count on to build anything I need and fix anything I break,

    the boy that's the life of any party he goes to,

    the boy who gets excited about the dumbest things and wins my heart with his happy eye crinkles,

    the boy who looks just as good in cowboy boots and a black t-shirt as he does in a well tailored suit,

    the boy who willingly and without a complaint takes the public bus to school so that I can have the truck to go to work,

    the boy that vowed to always wash the dishes and has followed through on that so far,

    the boy who I share my heart, and now my life with,


I love all 22 years of you and I hope that you know that today and every day for the rest of your life.


Anonymous said...

Aw, make sure you give Ben Happy Birthday wishes from the bloggy world!

Abbey Rodriguez said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! You sure seem like an awesome guy!

Shannon said...

Happy birthday to Ben. What a sweet post. :)

livlovelaugh said...

this is so cute...... i wanna do one for myyyyy man~


Sophie @TheForge said...

Aww that is so sweet :0 Happy Birthday!

Sarah Noel said...

This is such a sweet tribute! I love the fun things that you mentioned about him. What a fun way to celebrate someone on their birthday...

...and (I just read above!) birthday bacon?! Sounds heavenly. :)

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chestnutmocha said...

Happy Birthday, Ben!!