our wedding: getting ready

the happiest day of my life was July 13, 2012. it was also the most fun day, the most crazy day, and the best day. I don't have mature, reflective words to say about it yet because I'm still kind of on Cloud Nine, so I'll stick with the teenage girl voice that's running through my head: WE GOT MARRIED!!!

we got our wedding pictures back a few weeks ago, but I've been keeping them to myself, scared that I wouldn't be able to convey just how special this day was. but then a bunch of you kept sending me threatening e-mails, wanting to see them, so, without further ado, this is what went down on the best day ever:

it started with me waking up in bed next to my sister because we wanted one last sleepover on the last night I was going to live at home. there was a sweet note on the bathroom mirror from my mom and so many sweet text messages coming to my phone. I showered, laid around for a while and relaxed, packed for our honeymoon with my sister, one of my cousins, and a bridesmaid's help, and then we headed out to run some last minute errands: engagement ring cleaned one last time, H&M to buy flowers for my sister's hair, and there might have been a chocolate milkshake thrown in there. I can't remember.
and then, it all started: 
we got ready in the dressing rooms of the auditorium at my alma mater. the lights around the mirrors were perfect for eyebrow plucking and we all felt like movie stars. it was perfect.
when I asked the girls to be my bridesmaids, I gave them paint chips in different shades of coral and asked them to find a sundress that they loved in that color. they turned out just how I had hoped.
 my little sister/maid of honor/best friend did my hair for the day. and actually most of the other bridesmaids' hair too. 
she's impressive.
 my thoughtful Momma remembered that I had pointed out this robe back before Ben and I were even engaged, so she gave it to me to get ready in that day. also, fun fact: I forgot to pluck my eyebrows until like 2 minutes before it was time to get into my dress and take pictures, so this was a speedy pluck session. 
here's some of the bridesmaids, movie star lights, me sitting on the counter. just a normal wedding day. 
I made Ben a video to send him the morning of our wedding and he dropped off a love letter for me to read as I was getting ready. 
it was the sweetest thing.
after two hours of make up doing, girl talking, hair spraying, and eating snacks my step-mom brought, it was time to get into my dress.  
 this is all of the sweet women that got ready with me that day: bridesmaids, Mom and step-mom, Wanda, and a random cousin thrown in there :)
this was my "oh my gosh, I'm really getting married today" moment. 
and this is all of us. 10 bridesmaids was a lot, but I'm glad that I had each of these girls as part of this time in my life.
 once the bridesmaids went inside to clean up their sweaty faces [it was 94 degrees that day], I just laid around in the grass, trying to be photogenic and stuff.
 and I worked on my bridal smile.
after all that, it finally came time for my Dad to pick me up and bring me to the wedding. 
he burst out in tears as soon as he saw me and it was just the sweetest thing. 
after a bunch of sweet hugs, last minute hair and make up touch ups, and almost forgetting to bring my vows, Dad and I hopped into his air conditioned car and made the 5 minute drive down to the park where all the magic was happening.
 this is my handsome groom that I couldn't wait to see.
and these were his awesome, handsome groomsman.

and that's the end of everything leading up to 4:15 pm. 
tomorrow, I'll share the ceremony and some of our handcrafted details. I think that's my favorite part, so just you wait.

p.s. all of these pictures are by our wonderful, affordable photographer, Brette-Ashley. if you're in New York and looking for someone for your wedding, we highly recommend her!


Kayla C said...

All of your photos are just lovely! You made such a beautiful bride too! Thanks for sharing!!


Alissa said...

Great pictures!

I love where you ladies got dressed, and also how you had the bridesmaids choose their own dresses. Very creative!

Sally O'Gorman said...

Great photos looks like an amazing day! Congratulations!x

TheTinyHeart said...

I looove seeing other peoples' wedding photos! Your wedding dress is STUNNING! I'm a new follower :)

The Tiny Heart
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Janna Lynn said...

I love all the pics leading up to the biggest moment we want to see! Oh, and I LOVE how all the bridesmaids have different shoes...I can totally see their individual personalities and style coming through. And you, of course, look gorgeous! Can't wait to see more and all of your handcrafted stuff :-)

Erin Marie said...

oh i just love this! especially the part with your dad -- so super sweet.

Benlovesting said...

Lovely blog! x

Treasure Tromp said...

oh everything looks so beautiful!