our wedding: the ceremony

after a morning and early afternoon of getting ready, it was finally time to get to gettin married!

Ben and I carefully picked out the music for each second of the day, so if you'd like to listen to our ceremony playlist while you look at the pictures, feel free:

"Generator^First Floor" by the Freelance Whales was what the bridal party all walked down to.
I came down the aisle to "All of My Days" by Alexi Murdoch. 
and when all was said and done, Ben and I walked back up the aisle to "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall and Oates.

this was our ceremony: 
we got married in a town park, so the ceremony space was a blank slate. I'd seen the door idea on some wedding blog, so Ben took my incoherent, fragmented ideas and made them into something real. ditto for our trellis. I loved building our day ourselves.
when the bridesmaids pulled up behind the doors, the groomsmen [and Ben & his dad, who married us] went to join them. when everyone was all set, two of my cousins opened the doors for them.
then it was my turn!
my sweet Ben, watching me come down the aisle. 
I didn't look anywhere besides right at Ben as I was walking towards him, and I love having that memory of seeing only him. 
 we didn't have the traditional giving away, so Dad and Ben shook hands and Dad improvised with "she's all yours". 
these are my two favorite guys.
we had our parents come up and pray with us to start the ceremony. 
then it was vow reading time.
we wrote our vows together, read those at the ceremony, and then exchanged rings. 
and then we were MARRIED!!!
I LOVE these pictures.

from start to finish, it was so surreal. in total, our ceremony lasted probably seven minutes, which was exactly what we wanted. we had the important to us parts [the prayers, the vows, the rings], and then we wanted to get to partying! so that it what we did.

and that'll be on the blog tomorrow!


Janna Lynn said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the simplicity of it. I didn't get to have a wedding but I want to do a simple "renewal ceremony" one day. JUST so I can wear a dress and we can exchange our own vows. You both look so happy and I can't wait to hear/see the rest!

Niken said...

i think it's my favorite part from all your wedding posts! i love the idea of the wooden vintage door as your entrance. your wedding looked simple but so intimate and beautiful!

Alisa Marie said...

OMG - love the doors at the end of the aisle! What a beautiful wedding!!

the southern hostess said...

Such a beautiful ceremony!

The Management said...

these pictures are so precious! a seven-minute ceremony sounds amazing to me. I love it.

and you guys look SO HAPPY and so in love! it's beautiful!

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

beautiful, beautiful! you guys look so happy and i love the doors! so you!

Alissa said...

The door touch is AMAZING. Such a cool idea.

And were you barefoot? I really, really hope you were.

Chelsea Coleen said...

it was so perfect. perfect! love those pictures and the doors and EVERYTHING! so much character and personality to it all. truly special!

Kian said...

I like the ambiance and wonderful idea of that wooden vintage door, it looks so unique. It's perfect both of you and congratulations.

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Katya said...

LOVE it! Everything is so beautiful! And I'm wondering about the bare feet too, because that would seriously make this perfect. :)

I'm Sydney. said...

So pretty! I like the door idea you guys used! This wedding was just so sweet and lovely and you look gorgeous!
Can't wait for the next post:)

Amy said...

beautiful pictures! This seems like its straight out of a book!


Bohemian Beautiful said...

oh you look so beautiful!!!! I LOVE your dress, awesome last minute decision!the flower crown is perfect too.

that picture of ben as you are walking down the aisle is a keeper, so sweet!

thank you for sharing!! your day looked like to was magical :) xo