friday faves [part 4]

another fave wedding picture by BA

happy Friday, friends!
in the spirit of trying to be thankful for what I have, I decided to do a different type of Friday Faves today. normally I share my favorite things from around the world wide web, but today is different. today is more meaningful and more beautiful, so these are my favorite things from my life:

1) every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, Ben leaves for school before I have to leave for work. he wakes me up 10 minutes before he has to go, I get up and make him lunch, kiss him goodbye and then go back into our warm, cozy bed for a few minutes to actually wake up. I love having those few moments with him in the morning, and I almost love climbing back into the warm bed even more.

2) during my lunch breaks at work, I've been taking my food out to the truck, rolling the windows down, and eating while I listen to some damn good music and feel the sun warming me up through the windshield. Pretty soon, it's going to be too cold to do this, so I'm trying to soak up the beautiful days while I can.

3) Ben and I didn't live together before we got married, so can I just say how nice it is to kiss goodnight at the end of the night and be laying right next to each other?

4) that kickball league we joined a few weeks ago turned out to be one of the best decisions yet. we play a friendly game of kickball for an hour and then head out to our sponsor bar for cheap drinks and fun times with our best friends. it's perfect.

5) my Etsy shop is slowly gaining business! putting orders together to send out is turning into one of my favorite things.

6) even amid a weekend full of work shifts, I know that this one is going to be a good one. here's to weekends!

also, here's to new visitors! if you're here from Story of My Life, welcome welcome welcome! if you're in the mood to stalk and/or just want to know more about the girl behind the blog, check out my welcome post, my about me page, and/or our love story. thanks so much for stopping by! I'd love it if you left a comment to say hey so I can stop by all y'alls blog and get to know you, and I'd love it almost as much if you decided to follow along. if you guys are anywhere close to as awesome as Jenni is, I'm so glad to have you :)


Katie Ann said...

Hello Jackie! Stopping over from SOML and definitely going to be following! I loved this post!!!

Mindy said...

Stopping by from SOML as well! Um how do I find one of these kickball/beer drinking teams??

I'm off to read your love story page (I am such a sucker for a love story)! :-)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog & its lovely.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Beautiful wedding photo!