boom boom pow

it's 10 pm on the 4th of July and there are no fireworks.
no parades, no red, white & blue star spangled flags, no barbeques, or face paint.
but i do have a thunderstorm, country music (which is as American as you can get), a red, white & blue outfit, speculoo cookies, and thoughts of a tattoo.
so i guess that's as close as i'm gonna get over here.
there's also a photo of my boyfriend in his dress blues in front of a flag next to my bed.
my man in uniform.
i love America.

i love the fact that our military is comprised of men and women who made a choice and a vow to defend our country.
thank you to my dad, grandpa, brother, uncles, a bunch of friends, b, and everyone else in the military for being strong and brave enough to do just that.

i love that we're free.
i can vote whichever way i want, believe whatever i wanna believe, say whatever i wanna say, all that.
yeah, i may get some shit for it from a few people, but that's it.
and since when have i cared what people think?

i also love that America has Pandora, Netflix, and 92.5 WBEE.
i'm getting mighty sick of the music on my computer and paying $4 for No Strings Attached on iTunes was a hard decision to make.
and only my hometown people will understand, but i miss the Bee Morning Coffee Club :(

there's a zillion more reasons why i love America, but they all pretty much revolve around food.
soooo i'll just leave you with my favorite patriotic photo, taken last summer at the end of boot camp:

have fun celebrating today, everyone!
go to a barbeque and ooh and aah at the fireworks for me pretty please :)
and don't take it for granted.
happy independence day!


Anonymous said...

what are you up to in france?

missing netflix and pandora were on the tip top of my list when i was living in ireland.

Madeline said...

Okay, the cutest. Great 'we love america' round-up.

anne said...

Hope you had a happy 4th of july! Being Scottish this is something I miss out on! Lovely blog, I'll be back soon :)