it's not paris if it doesn't rain

hi friends.
what a whirlwind of a past week!
it's been getting ready for paris, enjoying paris, recovering from paris, and then cleaning up flooded floor and a soaked bed because we forgot to shut the roof windows this morning.
bet you didn't see that one coming, did you?

i have too many words, so i'm not even going to bother.
here are some probably too many photos from my wonderful, crazy weekend in that wonderful, crazy city:
some of those stereotypes are true 
love at first sight.
delicious, beautiful, perfect LaDuree sweets
second story view. we walked up those stairs. i now have calves of steel.
luxembourg gardens. 
also the site of the most wonderful nutella and speculoos crepe ever consumed. 
giant notre-dame.
we took a night cruise on the Seine. if you go to Paris, you should go on this. 
so dang pretty. 
shoe heaven in La Galerie LaFayette 
sketchball Sacre-Coeur and the pretty view from up top.

it was a wonderful time, exploring the City of Lights with
my lovely traveling companion, partial tour guide, tanning partner, and all around bud, Emily.

and yes, one day it did rain.
all in all, a successful trip.
i can't believe i only have 10 full days left in this beautiful place.
i'm off to rest so i can make the most of it.
bonne nuit.

p.s. yup, i picniked some of these pictures. obviously. i can't resist.

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