happy birthday biker chick

i don't really understand how it's already 10 pm.
i'm absolutely exhausted.
i'm looking forward to just crawling into bed and passing out.
the only thing is, it's my little sister's birthday.
her 16th birthday!
so i'm up waiting for her to get home from a birthday shopping spree so she can show me her new 16 year old clothes on skype.
cause that's what best friend sisters do.

but while I wait, I will make a little shrine to my sister, jessa, on the here.
comprised solely of pictures I could find on my computer in a matter of 5 minutes,
here we are.
some of these are from the summer before I went into college.
4 years ago.
homegirl, we need a photo session stat.
like, as soon as I get home.
so the two of us in our (kind of) grown up glory can be documented.


and sadly, for now, this is all we get.
little skype shots of summer tans and summer hair.
I’ll be there to show up your tan in t-minus 3 and a half weeks.
don’t even worry.
homegirl, I hope you’re having the most wonderful birthday.
[even without me]
I can’t believe you’re so old, but I like it cause it means we’re that much closer to being next door neighbors in a small town in Texas someday.
you’re so pretty and so smart and sassy and strong and
I’m super proud of the woman you’re becoming.
I love you so much.
happy happy birthday!!!

oh, and here’s a little shout out to my big brother, who’s also had a birthday recently, but I didn’t have the time to make him a post of his own.
love you too dude :]
have fun at the family party without me tonight, y’all.
and thanks for putting up with a family post, blog world.
thanks to all, and to all, a good night.


Anonymous said...

Dearest big sister,
I love you Sooo much :)
You are the best big sister in the whole wide world
I'm Sooo jealous that you're in France but our rockin family made my birthday awesome :)
Also I know some day we'll go to France together.
You need to hurry up and get your booty back in the UNITED STATES because I miss you so so so so so so sooooooooo much it's not even funny.
your little sister.

Monica Whitney said...

You guys are adorable!

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