the very first thing i'm going to buy when i get home

secretly, i love planning.
writing lists, having everything organized, and planning out my day down to the hour are some of my favorite things to do,
but then even more so, i love throwing those plans to the wind and just letting my day take it's natural course.
i'm a walking contradiction sometimes.

butttt, to cater to the slightly Type-A side of my personality, Erin Condren jumps to my rescue.
behold the 2011/2012 Life Planner:

this thing is magic.
it has mini-months for long term planning, tabs to get to each month quickly, morning/day/night columns for each day of the week, special stickers, lined paper throughout, and a folder in the back to keep receipts and junk together.
i realize that this post makes me sound super dorky, and kind of over the top ambitious,
but i want it real bad.
i'm gonna be a busy little bee this last year of school and finding this planner is like having manna sent down from heaven.
just call me moses, eating it up.
[that actually may be a stretch. don't call me that.]

regardless, i'm not at all sponsored by Erin Condren's company, or getting paid to write this post or anything.
i'm just in love.
once i order this wonderful thing and get it into my dorky little hands, i'll let you know.
of course i'll let you know.

i hope your saturday doesn't involve planning or online shopping at all.
get outside and do something!
it's beautiful out there.
happy weekend:)


AJD ∞ said...

oh man. i LOVE a good planner. my life would be lost without my planner. it keeps my schedule in order, i write down songs i hear and like, and i have random addresses & phone # in there... i understand your dorkiness!

Hooks said...

I want that!!!